A dutchman in Brisbane


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Apr 19, 2001
Hello, remeber me? I am the dutch guy who started a thread in wich I said I was coming to australie and then asked a couple of metal-questions. Well, I am here now for almost 4 weeks and it's been great so far! Sydney was great and now I am traveling to Brisbane and seeing lots of beautiful things That metal-store Utopia, man what a great shop that was! I don't think there is anything bigger in Holland like that. Is there a store like that in Brisbane? Because I have to get me hands on the new Blaze live-album.

Also are there some cool gigs in Brisbane? April 10th is Opeth and I will try to see them. I am staying at least a few months, so maybe there are some more bands playing at that time?
Soilworker said:
Can't answer your questions, but welcome.

Nice to see you are having a good time.

Im not from Brisbane but try Skinnys Music on Elizabeth Street or JB Hi-Fi

Welcome to Australia! :)
Another Brisbane person here. Welcome!

Sometime in the next couple of weeks some of us from the forum here are going to have some beers and listen to some metal one night. You should come along!
Yeah! Should be good fun :)

Rocking Horse records also has a few good items from time to time. Thats also in the city.
There are some local gigs over the easter weekend and further down the track in may if you are interested.

Brisbane :headbang: :D
Oh cool, I wanted to see Dungeon one time, so I will see them in May!!! And that metal-night sounds cool, I think I will come. So I can finally meet some Ozzy metalheads!
SO I'm in Brisbane now, just a few hours. I am staying at Banana Benders Backpackers and it looks good. Now I am heading into the city and look for the record shops and also to do some other stuff that's not metal-related. I am also gonna find out where Opeth's playing, so maybe I will go there tonight, but I'm not sure.
SO I just went to Skinny's. But there' the Opeth signing right now. Since I have nothing to sign, I guess I have to wait untill that's finished. Because all I want is to buy a cd. In what street are JB Hi-Fi and Rocking Horse?
Hey Rene,

JB HiFi and Rocking Horse are on the same street I think...they are on Adelaide Street I think. Im not sure if Im correct about Rockinghorse being on that street too or not...Ive only been there twice.

Hope you enjoy Brisbane! We will make sure that you know about when we have a metal night. Your are most welcome to come along.
Actually I did a little research myself and they are both on Adelaide St. So I will go there now. I wont go to see Opeth tonight, because I have to start to watch my budget now, hehe. And that metal-night sounds cool! I am sure there's already a thread about that so I will check that one out.
I have a feeling that Metal Night is going to escalate to more than just you and me drinking beers Southy lol.

Thats fine with me :headbang:

The music selection wont be as immense as it was at Glenns house though. That was fucking impressive!