A hypothetical for everyone (Aussie's in particular)


Blinded By The Light...
Jul 15, 2001
Right. Well seeing as me and kushy ar the only ones browsing at the mo. I think I'll set up a couple of threads to give you happy campers something to mull over in the morning. Hey mabye the thread won't even be dead when I get back on!

Anyways, after all the bruhaha with Opeth saying they were doing an Aussie tour late last year, and then postponing it till......NOW apparently, and with the conformation of a new double album in the works I was wondering what all the Aussies (and everyone else for that matter) would prefer to see:

a) delaying the release of the next album so that Opeth can tour in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time?


b) Postponing the tour (Again:cry: ) so they can concentrate on getting the next album/s out by the end of the year?

Everyone who ain't an form Oz treat this as a hypothetical, as if Opeth said they were coming to your country and then announced work on the next album. As for me I'm gonna sit on the fence for awhile, cos this is a real tough one for me.

(and no, I don't see to options as being enough for a poll either, that's just silly):p
Album HAS to come first

Live is a one-time thing - I want the music at my fingertips, so the album is way more important to me
My ass went numb from sitting on the fence (not on a fence post I swear!;) ). So......

After much deleberation I'd have to go with b)..... just. I thought most Aussie folks would prefer the live performance first, seeing as most of us haven't had the luxury of seeing Opeth live at all. I know I've been eagerly awaiting local tour announcements for five or more years. But Kushy's right, I'd much rather have some new material in my hands. Hey if things get bad enough and they don't make it down here for many years, I could always get truly desperate and fly to Europe or the States for the expressed purpose of seeing them play.:D
They should come here, and live in my house. And start a hamburger franchise.

The O-Burger
The O-Cheese
The Big O
The O-Chicken Surprice
WOULD YOU LIKE Ofries with that?

And you get free Mikael figurines when you order a O-Happy Meal.

And you all know what music they play through the speakers.

And instead of Ronald McFaggot, have statues of Melinda all through the store for the kids to play on. (Think still life cover.)
b of course!! I understand why, but I won't hide the devastation I felt when I learnt of the change of tour plans for Opeth! :lol: Weeellll it hurt damn it! :p Butthe music comes first...TWO albums worth...and after reading many of the 'live review' threads fellow opethians posted for our perusal (and a huge thank you to those who did) I understand that the set list is growing plumper with each performace. :D They WILL come! :eek: argh save for Wacken! :lol:
I want a new album. For sure.

I don't like concerts and live events terribly much anyway. not my scene
I agree, the album should come before the tour. Now in the cases of bands like Blind Guardian and Pain Of Salvation who have their new albums completed and ready for release (the latter already out in Europe, and it's amazing)...what the hell are you waiting for? Tour in the US already!
I agree with mark. Tour first. If your a real Opeth fan then you should beable to listen to their stuff a thousand times over. I could wait another year for a new album while plessuring my ears with the sounds from Orchid. I would rather hear it live though!