A little bit of feedback from you lot

I'm with Southy, the first page is quite gripping, a good opener... if I have anything further intelligent to say as I make my way through it I shall.
Downloaded. Will read, but not tonight, because have to study for class tomorrow. Sore finger, can't type properly. Personal pronouns therefore omitted from this post.
wow.......i liked it alot.

discriptively you made it easy to imagine the surroundings. Just couldnt get the bit about leila birth.......will PM if you like so as i dont spoil it for those yet to have read it.
Unfortunately, Stephanie Meyers wasn't rejected often enough.

I can just see the editor the first time he/she saw a Harry Potter manuscript: "This is just a rip off of A Wizard of Earthsea with some Tom Brown's Schooldays and Roald Dahl mixed in. We'd be fools to publish this."