Marita Liivak

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Nov 16, 2016
Hello fellow Sólstafir and metal music fans

I'm here to share something a little bit off topic, yet very relevant to music.

I guess it's a very unoriginal thing to say, but I really love music. I'm not a musician, I prefer visual arts for myself, but the thing is that my art wouldn't exist without music, since it's what drives me to lift up the brush in the first place. A year ago I made this painting and the whole time making it I was listening to Ótta, it's almost as if the piece isn't really complete without the song. I wanted to show it to you in an interest that if you see this piece and connect it to the song, may be you'll find a visual stimulation to what you've formerly heard through speakers . My aim is to sell the piece, but I'm writing here in hopes of finding someone who will appreciate it and understand the true meaning behind it, which is the feeling and the state of mind that Ótta puts you in.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincere regards



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