A question for those in the music industry … or others with helpful suggestions


Metal Mistress
Feb 4, 2006
Baltimore, MD - USA
At the end of 2006 I was laid off, so for the past few weeks I have been examining various positions in the area of marketing. Music and band promotion was one of the main reasons I became interested in marketing in the first place, so I thought now that I have some experience under my belt, it might be an appropriate time to start looking into and exploring job opportunities in the music industry.

I graduated from college in 2005 with a BA in English, a concentration in creative writing and a minor in communication arts. I also have previous experience working with bands doing promotional work on a local level and for the past two years I have worked for a marketing company based in Baltimore.

There are a lot of folks on here who run or work for festivals/shows, bands, venues, labels, distribution outfits, etc., so I’m hoping at the very least I’ll be able to walk away with some good advice and maybe a few potential job opportunities. I’m sure a lot of stuff, especially in the genre of metal, is done on a volunteer basis, but I’m still interested if any one has any advice for how I might be able to get my foot in the door or get some more experience … and if I can make money at the same time – great!

I typically just post on the ProgPower USA forum on Ultimate Metal, but I’m posting this on a couple different forums to get a variety of opinions and advice. Hope the moderators don’t mind. :)

Thanks for your help in advance.
Metal Forever! :headbang: