About Vocals...


Still a Stranger
Dec 16, 2008
In first place,i dont want to be a Eskola wannabe,i just want to learn.

ok,then,Somebody can answer me how he does his death grunts?Im a pseudo death singer and i want to learn his way of singing,it would really help me!

It's not that easy to put into words, unfortunately. Feels like squeezing a downstruck penis in my throat :D All the pressure is in the squeezing points, which is in the very back of my mouth, at the beginning of the throat. There shouldn't be much sensations in the larnyx.
should drink something hot befoe one hour or so, warm up by singing high notes before you get into death vox, and most of all practice thus you can figure out what kind of vox u can use easily, wether from your stomach or throat or whatever, and keep practicing and get away from anything that hurts your throat, and don't drink cold things before you sing. That's what i know actually, i'm not a good singer coz i don't practice, but when i do what i stated before i think i do a quite good job.