Alice Cooper. DRAGONTOWN


Apr 13, 2001
ALICE COOPER 'DRAGONTOWN' TRACKLISTING: Here is the apparent tracklisting for the forthcoming Alice Cooper epic Dragontown, due out on Spitfire on October 9th. You can download an MP3 of "Triggerman" at
Dragon Town
Somewhere In The Jungle
Sex, Death, and Money
Fantasy Man
The Sentinel
It's Much Too Late
I Just Wanna Be God
Every Woman Has A Name
Sister Sara

Heavier and more brutal? I like the sound of that!
Brutal Planet was excellent, I cant wait for this one!
Are you serious Sydo? Bloody hell that was quick, plus he did a huge tour in between albums as well......todays bands could learn a thing or 2 from him!!!
That's the date listed on the Spitfire Records website!!

Sounds great, doesn't it! :D
Is it *possible* to be heavier than Brutal Planet? Can't wait to hear this one. Hope he tours for it as well, since I didn't get to see him last time.

By pure coincidence, October 9 2001 would have been John Lennon's 61st birthday, but you all knew that...

Viva Alice!

a little more info..

The release date of October 9 was changed from an mid september release while Spitfire choose the song to go to radio first. Brutal Planet was the best selling album in Spitfire history and they feel that Dragontown can do even better.

Alice's assistant Brian "Renfield" Nelson said that they are working on the tour dates for the fall tour and should be released sometime this month. The new tour will be the longest show of Alice's career, possibly divided up into three 40 minute parts
Thats great, its good to see an album thats GOOD getting promotion from a label....the wait continues...........
Triggerman is very melodic compared to Brutal Planet. Which is not what I expected.

Brutal Planet certainly opened up the previous album perfectly, setting up the for rest. If Triggerman is any example of what Dragon Town is to be like, it wont be as heavy as Brutal Planet - but still very good.
I'm looking forward to this release.

All that being said, this song is not that far removed fromn Brutal Planet and actually sound much like a cross between the Australian bonus track, 'Can't Sleep, The Clowns Will Eat Me' and 'The Little Things'.

Yeah Triggerman sounds a bit different. Fuckin' rocks though! BP is deffo the great man's heaviest album, and yeah definitely one of my favourites....along with WTMN. Me like!