America Under Attack 2


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Sep 10, 2001
I 'm posting here because i wanna show 2-3 different views of the matter :

1. What happened is of course unacceptable and non approvable. If someone wants to punish USA should try it in another way and not be killing innocent people. The leaders are always the ones who take the decisions but it is extremely difficult to find who those leaders are. and I suppose all of you are smart enough to understand that it isn't Bush or any Bush that governs USA and the world. And certainly it wasn't Clinton or Monica. Those who rule are well protected and not seen and certainly they don't have to be politicians to do that. Money rules the world guys. we all know that...Industry is what leads the world and the guys responsible for the steps of world are the guys who rule the great industry. If someone wants to punish the guys responsible...BOMB those ones (if you ever find them...)

2.USA play the role of the world leader since the fall of Russia. Don't expect a nice, caring leader who loves the weak and does what is best for people. HISTORY HAS TAUGHT US THIS LESSON! Nobody who leads a world has ever done this. And nobody will. All the leaders try to get from the rest of the world what they need and without paying anything back. And I'm sure that if USA didn't do that and Russia was in its position it wouild do exactly the same thing. There is no sense of humanity in USA's politics. They are killers, murderers and they don't give a shit about that. If we also add that the western civilization is forced to eeryone even if he wants it ar not we can easilly get that our "freedom" is less than the freedom that countries under captivity have.

3.All the above can really have some negative results. Most people see only what they wanna see or not far ahead. This are interested in their own lives only and how to solve the everyday problems of a familly. And thats the western way of life anyway. To have citizens that work and can only think how to make enough money for the essential stuff. Then the ones who lead, will be able to have productive machines (people) who work and don't understand that they are slaves. Ignorance is a strong weapon for the guys with power. BUT :
there are some a bit smarter guys who understand this situation either because they can SEE MORE or because they suffered from the force of the WORLD LEADER (USA). These guys can understand the pressure upon them...and they can feel that they are helpless against such a powerful country that has the RIGHT (!!!!) to bomb them any time they want!! And this causes anger, and revenge...and pain. When USA has killed all the members of your familly in a bombing you cannot think in the right way. You want revenge. But the main matter here is this :

i personally know that war right now in unavoidable. i've heard alot of people that claim that as early as tomorrow, a declaration of war could be made from President Bush.

personally i would not want to GO over to a war. i am 17, and love to support my country. however, not to sound stubborn, but i have a lot of life to live. and really, i am not one to risk that. however, if i HAD to go, like basically forced, i would do it. i support the idea OF war in this situation, however. so if it happens, then good...

as Bradshaw from the WWF said, " we will hunt down your asses "
I say we don't need a war. Just find where the culprit is hiding and drop a chunk of the WTC on his house :)