Another year...

Andy Winter

Jul 10, 2002
I just realized that it's already been a year since I made my last post. I'm not exactly sure how that happened or where the time has gone, but apparently I'm having a hard time these days keeping track of how fast time flies...

Where to start?

During the last few months of 2010, I was working intently on finishing up my long-awaited solo record. I managed to get about 90% there, more or less. So I guess a legitimate question would be why it's still not finished 4 months later. I wish I could say it's because I'm such a perfectionist that I have spent all this time fine tuning it, but the truth is I don't even really know where the last 4 months have gone. I haven't had a chance to work on it further, although I plan to try to do so in the near future. That's all I can say for now, although we are nearing something, at least...

In other news, Jason William Walton of Agalloch just informed me this week that Self Spiller's debut album entitled "Worms in the Keys" is finally completed. I am contributing on two songs, along with the incredibly talented Mirai Kawashima of Sigh and a lot of other amazing musicians.

In a surprising turn of events, I somewhat unexpectedly found myself back in the studio in January with one of my oldest and dearest friends. In many ways, he is the one that channeled me into the musical paths I have taken in my career for the past 10+ years, and it just felt completely right and almost like "coming home again" to work together in the studio after so many years. And I quickly came to realize how much we click creatively, and that without even much planning, we still had a unified vision of how we wanted to, this time, truly build an album from the "ground" up, laying the foundation brick by brick, step by step, shaping it and forming it into what I know will be the start of something truly great. In fact, I thought it would be several more years before I could even think of undertaking this. And it may yet take several years before something comes to surface. But at least, I'm happy to say, the creative process has begun! More to follow as things develop.

Lastly on a sad note, a good friend, actor and director Larry Holden, unexpectedly passed away in February at the age of 49. In addition to directing his own films, "My Father's House", "All Sun and Little White Flowers", and "Under the Leakingest Roof", Larry was perhaps best known from acting along side Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Cameron Diaz and others, in films such as Insomnia, Memento and Batman Begins. An artist in the true sense of the word, he will be missed, but hopefully also remembered by many through his contributions in both mainstream and independent filmmaking.

That's it for now. I hope to write more as soon as I get a chance!

Lazare and I met up over a bottle of whisky recently. And by recently, I mean... oh, about 10 months ago! We have already for some time been planning a new album, which we have also started working on. At this point we are just looking into possible scheduling for the main guitar recording sessions with our new guitar player. Likely not this year, but hopefully not too far into the next... that's the word for now, at least. Material is ready, lyrics are ready. As are the fundamental recordings for a large portion of the album. This is totally unofficial and not announced anywhere through proper channels, but basically there you have it... straight from the horse's mouth!
Still sorting out logistics I'm afraid... but 2012 bears promise for the silent ones.

In the mean time there will be other things to come from yours truly (drawing nearer by the minute)...

I guess like me they kind of forgot about this place? Thanks for checking in! I promise to be back with some REAL news in the next month or so. There are things brewing right now as mentioned in my last post (although perhaps not what people are expecting but we shall see)...
Definitely haven't forgotten about this place. As long as you keep doling out hope that things are on the horizon, I will always keep checking! Please keep us posted!
ive been lurking for some years now haha. i think my old username was rammpeth, but thing is, i posted some of the winds tabs and some of the topics like "the mixing of acceleration".

I want the new AoS album so bad. ive even thought of making music like that just to hear more of that style but i never get that AoS sound,, thats what makes it so great i guess.

Anyway Andy, as probably the most obssesive AoS fan ever, i would love to ask you if there is anything at all besides the shirt and albums i could purchase. like stuff you used on the studio or a test press or something, if you name a price ill probably buy it. pm me if youre interested!
Demo recordings of Acceleration... one million dollars in non-sequential unmarked bills!!! ;)

Seriously though, I don't think we've got anything "special" like that. Most of the gear we used was either borrowed, rented (or stolen?) or has been sold. Acceleration is 8 years old by now and Complications is 7.

We'll continue working on the new record in 2013. This year has mostly been consumed by another project for me, which will see the light of day early next year. There will be more updates about it shortly...

So stay tuned and thanks for checking back in!

man i will be the first to buy that cd when it drops. I have such fond memories of acceleration. it opened my world to a whole new level of what i thought songwriting and vocals were.

Anyway, are you guys still with The End? Seeing as how theyve changed their style so much and how theyve basically severed ties with most of their old roster. Id think youd be better with Kscope or something

Also, you should start thinking of a new Winds album, maybe before 2020? (im serious about that timeline)