Any Katatonia song ever reminded you of a childhood memory?


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Jan 11, 2002
Lowestoft, Suffolk
I'm new on the message forum, i've been reading loadsa posts on here, and it looks like y'all get a bit bored from time to time!!!hehe.
I was wondering if any of the katatonia songs from any album have reminded you of a special thought or memory that nothing else could.

coz i cant say that they have done that to me!

But Katatonia kick ass alright!

Yeah, for me is "Brave". This song made me discover this style of music. I always was listening to Thrash Metal, Heavy, etc..... but after hearing that song, everything changed for me.

BRAVE!!!!! :headbang:
Brave and Murder remind me of something... Something I really cannot describe nor comprehend and it stays somewhere in the background of my mind refusing to come on top but it is there. Those two songs are just SO amazing, both music- and lyricwise.