Anyone at the New Orleans show last night?

Jul 14, 2002
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Man it fucking rocked. Mike was really cool and talked a lot throughout the show. He talked about getting completely hammered within like 30 minutes of arriving at the city, eating alligator at a restaurant, etc. I think this was the setlist...

The Leper Affinity
The Drapery Falls
Godhead's Lament
A Fair Judgment
Demon of the Fall

Highlight for me was Advent. I was really suprised how well he pulled off all the vocals, some of which I think were better live than on record.

PS. to the guy who kept screaming during all the clean parts... eat a bowl of dick
I am psyched for this saturday, if somebody screams during clean parts i want him to get beaten down...
hell yeah, i was there!
it did fucking rock...(So did lacuna coil)
yeah Opeth completely impressed me
I loved how it just looks like they're having such a great time, Mike just had that jolly grin on his face the whole time.
I met the band, got my copy of damnation signed (really cool)
It was the best show I've seen.

And yes, the guys screaming during the mellow parts were total fuckers
Why the hell did they even come??
I thought the "sweden" chanting was kind of cheesy...but kind of funny.
Oh dude... the House of Blues didn't even check IDs at the door which kinda pissed me off... I had two underage friends who wanted to go but didn't wanna take the chance in not getting in and then having a useless ticket...

And yeah, the Sweden chanting was pretty funny. I didn't stick around to get anything signed or meet the guys afterwards though, but I saw a bunch of people waiting outside by the bus after the show. I can't wait for the Damnation tour.

BTW, wasn't Yakuza just fucking terrible? Just a huge wall of noise with no distinction. Haha..
shivering corpse said:
yeah...yakuza sucked
but the sax was interesting at times, but most of the time you could barely hear it

Dear God, yes! I saw Yakuza's set in Atlanta last night. Those fuckers were SO awful they made me wanna die. Complete garbage.

To top it off???? The fucking rat-mullet guitarist wanted to talk shit to everyone!!! What a prick! I gotta admit, it was kinda funny hearing people yell "Nice guitar!" and "Dave Matthews!" at him! After the guitarist called someone in the audience a pussy the guy in the audience goes "one time, at band camp?". GREAT stuff. Rat-mullet ended up closing the set with a big "Fuck Atlanta" into the mic. We boo'd them off the stage, and damn near everyone gave them the finger. When will these idiots learn, you don't gain fans with shitty music and insults.

Oh yeah, Opeth RULED.
it seems like they were more well received in new orleans.
still, no one was getting into them at all.
and they sounded like shit most of the time.
they don't fit in at all on this tour, but i guess they can get everyone kind of warmed up...or maybe not.