Anyone going to see Henry Rollins?


Sexy Bastard
Apr 16, 2001
A pub,Perth.
Hank the Yank is back in town doing some spoken word gigs.

I'll go,but the bastards not seeing my nipples again after his frosty responce last time I flashed 'em at him!

Frowny,shouty,miserable git!
I don't think I'm able to, this time round... can't remember why, exactly :)

Luckily, Hank loves Oz so tours here often, so I'll catch him next time, or in London, whichever is best :D
I am going to see him I could not afford a Kiss tiket so i spent half the money and got a centre seat forth fow from the front. Has any one heard his spoken word CD. and did you know his first vidoe is being release with bonus concert on DVD.:D :D ;)
Yeah he's pretty fukin good at his spoken word performances.....he fukin swears a bit too fukin much for my liking though :D

He dosn't like MAIDEN though....he's bagged 'em out a couple of fact he did it last time I saw him.
If he does it this time around he might cop an ear full of my colourful vocab.....:eek:
I saw Hank in Sheffield, UK in Dec 1998. Was a good night's entertainment. I came back here to Melb and he was doing shows for twice the price, so I thought "nah fuck that!". I kinda have something against seeing someone for $35 (probably more now) when I've just seen them for $16....... Well worth going though if you have the spare cash.