Anyone here listen to breakcore?


May 16, 2004
This is a pretty awesome genre, it's so far removed from what I'm used to and of any music I listen to it stands up by far the best to repeated listens since it's so beat driven. Only thing I can think of that compares to it in terms of re-listenability is Gorguts - Obscura pretty much.

It engages me in a totally different way from the melody driven music I usually listen to. The cool thing about is it can be super-imposed on music from other genres and play off it in neat ways.

Few of my favorite artists:

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I have big respect for it but just like a few tracks thus far and never got around to finding more I like. I dig Amon Tobin's album Foley Room but didn't notice much in the way of breakcore on it.

Love how Björk used it here:

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When it comes to breakcore, I highly recommend Igorrr for metalheads. From the very beginning to the end of his discography. Now his a full-metalhead (with electronic drums) and he had also the project called Whourkr.