Anyone listen to Tumous' new song?


Apr 24, 2006
On the front page of, there's an article saying that Tumous released a sneak preview of his new song on his podcast Jan 23rd, and the actual release will be in 2 weeks.

I thought for sure someone her would have posted it, or a review of it??

Anyone have a link, or thoughts about it?

I'm curious to how it sounds.

I really wasn't expecting much, but I was completely blown away by the track that was released! I'll definitely be getting the album.
I thought it was very soundtrack-ish, and definitely not my cup of tea...maybe I'll have to relisten.

Anyone listen to Edguy at all? They are the first band in a long long time, maybe since Nightwish, that seem to have great hooks and unique songs for me. At least on the album "Rocket Ride".

Not saying they sound like nightwish, but from a rocking out perspective, they definitely have some very sing-a-long-able songs with cool riffs and keyboards. Pretty much everything else I listen to nowadays is a clone of each other. I'm dying for new music, but everything is just so stale.