As a metal fan, what other genres do you like that is not heavy metal?

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classical (Baroque to contemporary avant-garde)
dark ambient
idm (and experimental electronic music in general)
various guitar virtuosos (although some of that stuff probably counts as metal)
happy hardcore

I also used to listen to punk and hardcore when I was younger but not anymore.
I think I remember him saying it's his brother or something.

As for other genres I listen to:
Electronica & IDM
Old school hip-hop & rap(and a few newer style hip-hop bands)
Pop/Melodic punk & ska
A bit of House... sometimes
Well as a metal fan i don't listen to "heavy metal" or power metal, thrash, black or hardcore.

I listen to jazz, pop, indie, opera, hip hop, mcing, emo, reggae and ska.

Check out flaming tsunamis (Ska metal) very interesting
80's Pop Punk / Power Pop
Alternative country / Country Punk
Rockabilly / Psychobilly
Old Hip Hop
Electronica / Synth Pop
Drum n Bass / Jungle / UK Speed Garage
Prog Rock (Jethro Tull--fucking love those guys)
Classic Rock (the old standbys--hendrix, cream, blind faith etc)
Blues (the old black guys from the 40's and 50's, like albert king)

Actually, this is the stuff i listened to before i got into metal.

I started playing guitar when i was 7 and i was influenced by this stuff. Already possessing a good deal of skill on electric guitar via blues, becoming an insane metal guitarist was pretty easy (it's all technique, which i already had down). This happened fairly recently, as a matter of fact, seeing as i am still in high school.