Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Kemper vs Thermionik vs Helix vs S-Gear: Mesa Boogie MKIV


May 16, 2010
Time for another gear emulation comparison!

This video is all about comparing the Mesa Boogie MKIV emulations in the following platforms (in no particular order):

Axe FX/AX8
Kemper Profiler
Helix (Native/LT)
Amplitube 4 (Mesa pack)

Those were all the platforms of which I am aware that they emulate the MKIV amp.
Most of them did a very good job but I have a few favorites.
Of course I'd love to know which one you though was best so let me know!

A couple of notes:

I know that the S-Gear Wayfarer amp isn't exactly based on a Mesa MKIV or any other amp for that matter, but I do think it's very much inspired by those types of amps and it can be tweaked to sound quite close.
That's why I included it anyway.
Plus, it's always a fun challenge to show people that S-Gear can do high gain without hassle at all! :)

About the Kemper clip: I recognize that the Kemper example perhaps doesn't sound as good as some of the others.
Unfortunately I didn't have a MKIV here to profile so I had to rely on existing (commercial) profiles.
To keep things as accurate as I could, I chose a direct MKIV profile from a commercial vendor to be able to use the same IR as with the rest.
I had to tweak from there.
This was honestly the best profile I could find for this test.
I think the Kemper can definitely do better but in different circumstances....
I guess that's just a drawback of this platform sometimes since you can't ever start a 'preset' from scratch.
Axe-Fx, Thermionik and Helix are all tied for 1st place.
Amplitube sounds good, but the lows seem to be shifted more towards low-mids. Doesn't sound as meaty. 2nd place.
Kemper has a scooped sound to it, but still sounds good. 3rd place.
S-Gear is just outclassed here. Definitely at the bottom of this list. 4th place.
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