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Nov 4, 2020
so i have this project for school about gender stereotypes and stuff and i'm looking for bands with a female lead who defies stereotypes with her looks (thus, by looking masculine. she can sound masculine too though, that's cool too! im mainly looking for those who look masculine as a priority though! she can totally have a high pitched voice, as long as she looks like a guy) so for example, she has short hair, wears masculine clothing, etc.
Examples I already have are:
* exist trace
*nina simone
* valshe
* 96neko
* christine and the queens
* skunk anansie
* eurythmics
* otep
* kd lang
* ael (YES!!)
* the hoopers
* amber liu
* grace jones
* acrush/fanxyred
* the internet
* la roux
* big thief
thanks :)
I can't think of a female lead in a metal band who looks like a guy... in metal you're more likely to find guys who look like girls :lol:

In all seriousness though, I think it's extremely rare - all the women in metal I know at least, look like women. Whether dressed in "masculine clothing", have short hair, or not. I wouldn't think you'll find a woman in metal attempting to look like a guy.

Studs and spikes and leather etc. sure, but that's an attempt to look the part and be theatrical - powerful, intimidating, mysterious, whatever. Same as guys in metal do.

Apologies if I'm missing your point...