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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
Belgian black metal veterans ENTHRONED have inked a deal with Season Of Mist. The band's new album will be released later this year. The group comments: "ENTHRONED hordes worldwide, the time has come to break the silence. So it is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the new label with whom the blackened horde of ENTHRONED will work as from now on. We will be working with the Season Of Mist clan for our next releases and further cooperations. We are looking forward to this new partnership, to work with a label that will be able to give us the support, freedom and the right tools to bring our dark art in its right place." Over the course of the last 25 years, ENTHRONED has pushed the boundaries of black metal and the depth of the "left hand path" philosophy. The quintet has channeled that dedication into its newest record; a dark and crushing black metal album where cold riffing, blood chilling atmospheres and ritualistic drumming are keys to forging their most mature and accomplished opus to date. In 2016, Phorgath and guitarist ZarZax departed ENTHRONED on amicable terms, and were replaced by Norgaath and Shagal (from cult Argentinian act VIBRION), respectively. ENTHRONED is: Nornagest: Vocals Neraath: Guitars, noise and effects Shāgāl: Guitars Norgaath: Bass Menthor: Drums

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