Best Carcass Album

Favourite Carcass Album

  • Reek of Putrefaction

    Votes: 4 2.4%
  • Symphonies of Sickness

    Votes: 20 11.8%
  • Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious

    Votes: 55 32.4%
  • Heartwork

    Votes: 78 45.9%
  • Swansong

    Votes: 13 7.6%

  • Total voters
Originally posted by Humanure
Symphonies....I think I finally listened to Necroticism too much :) It's still a close second, though.

in the last 6 months ive hardly listened to it, cos i was getting close to listening to it too much, but i still recognize it as my favourite, with symphonies and heartwork very close behind

reek has some great songs but the production is disgraceful ,, instead of swansong, carcass should have re-recorded reek!!! .. swansong is good, it took over 5 years for me to actually get into it and not call it "shit" repeatedly .. its now just making it to "good" but still a disappointing end!
@PaulTangaroa: Yeah, I'd always been going backwards when it came to Carcass....I first heard Heartwork, but the first CD I picked up was Wake Up... (Which, I've always thought, has 5 'leftovers' which are better than anything on Swansong besides Keep on Rotting). Anyways, I worked my way back from there....I guess this rediscovering of Symphonies was the next step (only took 7 years ;) )

I also agree about Reek....pyosisified (still rotten to the gore) sounded fantastic on Wake Up... it's a shame they didn't do more...
(Which, I've always thought, has 5 'leftovers' which are better than anything on Swansong besides Keep on Rotting)

I agree, whole-heartedly! I chose Necroticism but Symphonies is a close second.
wake up and smell the carcass, is most definitely a great introduction to carcass, and also the tools of the trade ep, which is marvellous too, but yeah, the necroticism cd just has everything, full on darkness, grooves, stomping riffs, great mad timings, incredible ideas and composition, catchiness, perfectly constructed solos and thought, its just essential, totally one of the most essential death metal albums ever written!
the best was "Tools For The Trade" MCD, but from albums section i get "Necroticism"
Necroticism, with Heartwork and Symphonies not too far behind. They're all great. Well Swansong isn't, but it's not too bad!

The production on Reek is absolutely appalling!!!