Best of 2007 Contest...

My favorite album of 2007 would be Icons of Evil from Vital Remains. If not the best it is definitely the most brutal i've heard.
Because no one else has really posted here are my top 10 albums of 2007. What do you think?
1. Icons of Evil- Vital Remains
2. In Sorte Diaboli- Dimmu Borgir
3. Silent Waters- Amorphis
4. Harvest- Naglfar
5. Emissaries- Melechesh
5. The Apostasy- Behemoth
7. Paradise Lost- Symphony X
8. Genesis- Job for a Cowboy
9. Ithyphallic- Nile
10. Rom 5:12- Marduk
Opinions, guys. Everyone has one about bands. I dont really care for Black Dahlia Murder that much, but if someone likes em, oh well. At least they are still fucking Metal!!! And thats good enough for me.

Oh and you still win a shirt, chainsaw!!! Send me your info..

Evil C.
Other honorable mentions definately include:
Immolation: Shadows in the light
Obituary: Xecutionar's Return
Vital Remains: Icons of Evil