Beyond the Embrace

i saw them on the death across america tour with kataklysm...
great show, got auotgraphs and pics;)

heres a lil story for ya...

I was reading the lyrics to Opeth's My arms... when in i came across some lyrics that read: "Beyond the embrace of christ"
I was like wow that would be a cool ba....WAIT! that already is a band name:p
Well i suppose the lead singer came up with the band name from that lyric, he seemed to be all into opeth when i talked to him he had the "O" from opeth tattoed on his arm

...just a thought...
fuck yeah! BTE is awesome. i was so suprised to hear the gothenburg sound from a US band. you can really hear who their influencing bands are, soilwork & in flames etc, but they are in no way a rip off. i am really pumped to hear their next album because i guarantee it will be a huge step foward and an album that defines BTE's own sound.

spread the metal... USA style
One of my absolute favorite bands for about the past year now, Against The Elements is an album everyone should at least give a chance .

For all fans of BTE, be on the lookout for Royal Carnage, the newest webzine of the metal underground (not live yet). I met with and hung out with Shawn Gallagher (vocals) and Alex Botelho (guitars) for about 3 hours last Thursday, Feb. 13th. They granted me a kick-ass interview that will eventually be transcribed and appear in the 'zine. Great, great guys, and completely down-to-earth as well. They were a trip to talk to, and if at all possible, go see them play live!

They've just been added to the NJ Metal Meltdown V in Irvington, NJ, btw. Go! Now!
I have been following this band since before they were on Metal BLade and just had bad sounding demos. This band is awesome. I think their next release is going to kill too and the production should be alot better.

I hope they get more attention with their next album
Great band, I hope to catch them up the day the invade Europe!

I really dig their Against the elements release. Allthough I must admit their drummer is sometimes very boring and the production is not very good. The drums sound awefully loud!
the_dying, you may then be happy to know that their original drummer has been replaced with a true veteran (though I apologize that his name escapes me at the moment).

Though we've only just gone live, Royal Carnage webzine will be running a lengthy feature on this deserving and underrated band in the very near future, and I guarantee it will be unlike any coverage of them to date. Though it'll be a few weeks before it's live on the site, I encourage you all to click the banner in my sig file below and get a taste of our writing style; we're proud of it and I'm confident you'll stop by more than once.

You could always drop by our new hosted forum right here at also, in which we'll regularly be updating our readers when new content has been added to the site. Cheers gang.
The band I play bass for is playing with Opeth in Detroit on May 18th and we are selling advance tickets so anyone in and around the Michigan or surrounding states that wish to attend the show and want tickets please contact me. tickets are limited and they will sell out fast.

*Lacuna Coil
*Beyond the Embrace
plus 2 more bands

Harpo's Concert Theater
14238 Harper Detroit
Sunday May 18th 2003
5:00 P.M. All Ages
tix $15.00 in advance

for Advance Tix contact :
Scott Drake @
will do tix by mail for small fee

visit :
I saw BTE at The Galaxy opening up for Helloween. They were awesome, and the bassist kept having conversations with my friend and me, and he gave me his pick at the end of the set. They kinda remind me of a modern day Pantera, really kick ass band.