Black metal and Death metal CDs for sale


Mar 10, 2004
Black Metal/Heavy Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore/Rock/Punk

-=- SALE ENDS JUNE 30, 2004 -=-


Abomination - Abomination
From 1990, early old school death metal. Unbelievably rare. $15

Abomination - The Final War
The minds behind Master make death metal of the oldest school. Rare. $10

Absu - Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Gothic records version of the debut, the original. $ask

Absu - The Third Storm of Cythraul $10
OOP thrashing black rage.

Absu - In the Eyes of Ioldanach $9
Mercyful Fate meets ripping metal. OOP

Absu - The Sun of Tiphareth
Out of print and the best from this band. $ask

Abyssic Hate/Det Hedenske Folk - split
So rare it's off-radar, this was an inspiration to many and launched Abyssic Hate's appeal. RARE. $21

Acheron - The Rites of the Black Mass
With Mike Browning (ex-Morbid Angel) and Vincent Breeding (ex-National Alliance). An early days foray into

Satanic American black metal. $ask

Afflicted - Dawn of Glory
Finally very popular, it's rare and quite good progressive rock influenced death metal. $12

Agnostic Front - Cause for Alarm/Victim in Pain
Grinding, abrasive hardcore punk from NYC. OOP. $9

Agressor - Towards Beyond
Precise and militant French speed/death metal band. Now OOP. $8

Alastis - The Just Law
Meditative Swiss dark metal that influenced others. Now impossible to find. $7

A mind confused - Anarchos
Somewhat experimental melodic death metal. $6

Ancient Ceremony - Cemetary Visions
Melodic metal that went over most people's heads. $6

Ancient Rites - The Diabolical Serenades
First edition of this now-very-rare masterpiece; influential. $ask

Angel Corpse - Hammer of Gods
Rare, sometimes banned first edition.

Angel Corpse - Iron, Blood and Blasphemy
German import, new condition, rare and classic tracks. $10

Angel Corpse - The Inexorable
Their fastest, most violent CD. $6

Angel Witch - Live
Influenced Slayer and many others. Melodic NWOBHM with Satanic theme. $8

Angel Witch - 82 Revisited
NWOBHM band with most classic tracks. Not easy to find. $8

Antaeus - Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
Rigid and condemnatory anti-life black metal in jewel case. Appears OOP. $12

Archon Satani - Memento Mori
Past-evoking ambient compositions. $7

Arghoslent - Arsenal of Glory
Fascists make Iron Maiden-influenced Angelcorpse-style fast metal. $10

As Divine Grace - Supremature
An attempt to bridge beyond the boundaries of metal. $3

Asphyx - Asphyx
Original bone-rattling basic melodic old school death metal. New. $7

Assassin - The Upcoming Terror
A blaze of speed and energy tearing apart the world, old school speed/death. OOP. $10

Assassin - Interstellar Experience
Raging "thrash metal" that keeps up the intensity without becoming one-dimensional. $10

At the Gates - Gardens of Grief
First EP and very influential works. $6

Autopsy - Acts of the Unspeakable
When this CD came out, it made normal people run. Rare/OOP. $25

Autopsy - Shitfun
Feces-dripping gore metal extravaganza, hard to find. $25

Avulsion - Dimensions of Darkness
Good luck finding this - death/doom/grind of an impressive nature. Wish album #2 had come out. RARE. $9

Azazel - The Night of Satanachia
A rare few moments of good post-1996 black metal from this Finnish band. RARE/OOP. $17

Baltak - Zaginatiot Grad
Fast and ferocious Macedonian black metal. $8

Bathory - Blood on Ice
Too much Wagner and too much metal makes this epic release. $7

Behemoth - From the Pagan Vastlands
Own the original of this melodic epic black metal classic. Bathory fans, take note. OOP/rare. $ask

Beherit - The Oath of Black Blood
Original pressing, immaculate condition. $ask

Beherit - Complete Worxxx
Compilation of obscure, rare, and impossible to find tracks. $16

Belial - The Gods of the Pit Part II
Among the Nordic originals was this Finnish band, who became disgusted with the black metal "scene." So rare

it's not listed anywhere. $14

Black, The - Black Blood
Dissection-related personnel make shadowdy black metal. RARE/OOP. $ask

Black Goat - Live Demo 1998 on KDVS
Venom-influenced American black metal, super rare. $ask

Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom
The most focused work from this early grind/blackmetal band. On Wild Rags (NL). $ask

Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum
Les Claypool and Larry Lalonde of Primus in a power metal band. Never below $150 on eBay. $ask

Bolt Thrower - The Peel Sessions
Back when Earache was cool, they released this live studio recording of Bolt Thrower on radio - heavier than

albums. $10

Borknagar - Borknagar
Excellent condition melodic Norwegian carnival metal. On Malicious Records, OOP. $25

Borknagar - The Archaic Course
Played once. Ex-Molested epic black metal project. $9

Borknagar - The Olden Domain
More recent effort from this band. $2

Broken Bones - Death is Imminent
Punkers from ex-Discharge make fast, Slayer-styled metal. Rare. $9

Brutality - When the Sky Turns Black
Rare European edition of this technical melodic death metal classic. Original pressing. $14

Brutality - Screams of Anguish
Fast and precise guitarwork, highly sought after. Original edition. $10

Budgie - Best of Budgie
Early import compilation, high quality unlike those that followed. $10

Buckethead - Giant Robot
Project of insane Mr. Bungle-esque shredder guitarist. $8

Cancer - The Sins of Mankind
Way out of print and worth finding. $10

Capharnaum - Reality Only Fantasized
Extremely creative technical death metal. $9

Capharnaum - Plague of Spirits
Early EP from these prog-death-metal wizards. For fans of Cynic. $15

Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
With bonus Tools of the Trade EP tracks. $7

Cathedral - In Memoriam
For doom freaks ONLY. Early demos that were too heavy for Earache as well as live set. $8

Celestia - A Cave Full of Bats
Independent, necro-gothic statuesque black metal. OOP. $10

Cemetary - An Evil Shade of Grey
Dark metal: acoustic guitar, doom metal pacings, morbid mood and melody. OOP. $8

Centinex - Malleus Maleficarum
Early Swedish death metal with infectious melodies. On wild Rags. $10

Ceremonium - No Longer Silent
Darkthrone-esque take on doom metal from this NY fiendgroup. $8

Ceremony - Tyranny From Above
First-album Sinister songwriter goes on to make pounding death metal. $9

Cianide - Death, Doom and Destruction
Numbered copy of this thunderous old school death metal. $8

Cianide - A Descent Into Hell
Sounds just like the title: heavy, rolling, grinding, collapsing sounds of old school death metal. OOP. $8

Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity
Thrash/speed metal crossover, full of punk angst and aggression. OOP/rare. $10

Corrosion of Conformity - Technocracy
Title describes our current government; music is their best. Rare/OOP. $10

Crypt of Kerberos - World of Myths
Rare Swedish death metal with female keyboardist. Kvlt!!! $9

Cultus Sanguine - Cultus Sanguine
Best and earliest release from these mood-oriented dark metal fiends. Rare. $9

Cynic - Focus
Insanely sought-after progressive death metal hybrid. $ask

Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us a Fetus
Hilarious Canadian punk rock. Original pressing, now unavailable. $8

Dayglo Abortions - Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
Mockery of society from angry punkers. Original pressing. $8

Darkthrone/Mayhem - True Legends in Black
Demos and vintage pictures from these world-changing bands. BOOT/OOP/RARE. $25

DBC - Universe
Long out of print and out of stores; early Canadian techno-thrash. $25

Dead Can Dance - Toward the Within
Live compilation of favorites from this medieval electronic band. $8

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance
Early, Ministry-inspired guitar industrial. $7

Deceased - Luck of the Corpse
Utterly unavailable first album of technical death. $15

Deceased - The 13 Frightened Souls
An EP of influential covers by these underground legends. $12

Deeds of Flesh - Mark of the Legion
Precise intricate blasting deathgrind. $6

Dead Horse - Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers
Eccentric Texan grind/thrash. $5

Deinonychius - After the Rain Falls an Empty Sky Remains
Ambient black metal, original edition. $9

Deinonychius - Deinonychius
Trippy original ambient black metal. $9

Deinonychius - The Silence of December
Rare original edition, cannot be found in the current time. $9

Deinonychius - After the Rain/Deinonychius/Silence of December $25
Order all three of these classics for $25.

Der Gerwelt/Nargathrond - split
For those who huddle in cults, a rare and prized find. $11

Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose
Most triumphant return album of these militant speed metallers. $6

Destruction - Release From Agony
An optimistically complex undertaking that doesn't lose intensity. $6

Deteriorate - The Senectuous Entrance
Emperor-style black metal from this American band; rarer than an honest politician. Kvlt! $17

Diamondhead - Behold the Beginning
Ulrich-inspired re-release of early classic tunes. A must for any NWOBHM fan. $7

Dick Dale - The Best of Dick Dale and His Del-tones
Classic surf music. $3

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Live
Modern punk/hardcore. $7

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Full Speed Ahead
Musically competent for a late punk album, great for workout listening. $7

Discharge - Vision of War
2CD complete works of this groundbreaking ambient hardcore punk band. $10

Disharmonic Orchestra - Expositions Prophylaxe
Grindcore never praises its real heroes. Jazz-influenced drumming, otherworldly heavy guitar. $7

Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid
No Colours first pressing of this CD, ueber-rare and sought heavily by Dimmu fans. $35

Dodheimsgard - Monumental Possession
Frenetic speeding riff salad surgery, an enjoyable listen. $7

Doomstone - For Those Whom Satan Hath Joined
Deceased side-project of classic heavy metal with ghostly vocals. OOP. $10

The Doors - The Doors
One of rock's most poetic, and darkest albums, a few years before metal. $5

The Doors - Morrison Hotel
Their album of roadsongs, still sought after. $5

The Doors - An American Prayer
Morrisonian poetry and lounge jazz. $7

The Doors - Waiting for the Sun
Apocalyptic Nietzscheianisms. $5

Draconis - The Highest of All Dark Powers
Southern California post-Ritual project. $5

Drogheda - Pogromist
Assailant grindcore, on Wild Rags, unique and OOP/rare forever. $12

Ember - Chapter III
Doom metal with many influences. $6

Enthroned - Armored Bestial Hell
Most solid of their albums. $7

Enthroned - Prophecies of Pagan Fire
Original edition of this melodic heavy metal/black metal band. Catchy. $7

Enthroned - Prophecies of Pagan Fire
2CD extended edition of melodic heavy metal/black metal. $10

Enthroned - The apocalypse Manifesto
More intense than first album. $7

Entombed - Stranger Aeons
The original release of three epic tracks from this band's best era. Collector's item. $5

Entombed - Left Hand Path
Combat/Earache edition of this blistering early death metal classic. $6

Entombed - Live in London
All classic Entombed, all live with good sound. Great for driving. $7

Equimanthorn - Nindinugga Nihshimshargal Enlillara
Ritual ambient, occultist bent. RARE $9

Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma
First edition of this now-fundamental doom epitaph. $20

Roky Erickson - All that May Do My Rhyme
Late-career summary of his works, surprisingly strong. $7

Roky Erickson & The Aliens - I Think of Demons
Intense post-Rushmore album, cult in psychedelic circles. $7

Roky Erickson - never say goodbye
Early folk songs with no accompaniment, raw emotion. new $10 used $7

Excruciate - Passage Of Life
Sought-after Swedish death metal rarity. Loud and articulate. $9

Exmortem - Dejected in Obscurity
You don't see this much; heavy pounding death metal. $4

Exmortem - Labyrinths of Horror
This band didn't get the credit they deserved. Smart and crushing. $5

Exodus - Bonded by Blood
1980s edition of this bouncy, vibrant and aggressive speed crunch metal. $9

Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
Original release of this vibrantly aggressive work. Rare. $10

Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh
Probably their best work. $9

The Exploited - Let's Start a War
When people say "punk," they're thinking of The Exploited. $7

Filter - Short Bus
This band put out one great album and expired. This is it. $4

Fleshcrawl - Impurity
Highly underrated German band that sounds Swedish with Bolt Thrower influences. OOP $8

G.B.H. - Church of the Truly Warped
The album that influenced Grand Belial's Key; soaring melodic punk. $7

General Surgery - Necrology
Original edition of this Swedish metal Carcass tribute all-star band. $8

Godflesh - Selfless
This album made them. Meditative, realistic industrial grindcore. $7

Goreaphobia - Demented Omen of Masochism
Excellent title, total all-out NYC death. OOP. $12

Gorefest - Mindloss
Amazing album, stupid band name. Technical and concept-oriented. $6

Godflesh - Love and Hate in Dub
Dub music needed some violence. An experiment that worked. $3

Godflesh - Merciless
Massively influential ambient-industrial-grind EP. $4

Godflesh - Godflesh
The album that influenced Ministry, but much heavier. Hard to find in stores. $9

Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches
The collected Graveland demos in a first pressing of 1000. Worth having. $8

Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written in Blood 93 and Promo 94
Early versions and unreleased tracks from this archly intelligent band. Can't find anywhere else. $21

Hades - ...Again Shall Be
Epic forest black metal, early edition with FMP imprint on SPV. OOP. $12

Hades - Alone Walkyng
Probably the best and most lasting effort of this band. RARE/OOP first edition on Wounded Love. $12

Hands-To - Nazha
Entirely made of sounds encountered in a normal single day. Cryptically creative. $7

Havohej - Man and Djinn
Missed it the first time around? Rare, kvlt, etc. but actually good. $ask

Head of David - CD
Pre-Godflesh unique industrial. $5

Helstar - Nosferatu
Probably one of the earliest of the new style of epic power metal. $8

Hetsheads - We Hail the Possessed
A Swedish death metal band of a hard-to-pin down nature that still has fervent fans. OOP $7

Hirilorn/Nasav - split
Underground and very hard to find. $25

Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum
As it turns out, the band got more technical without losing intensity. $7

Immolation - Dawn of Possession
Thunderous and original, technical and brilliant, impossible to find. $ask

Impaled Nazarene - Rapture
They took their hardcore impulses and made mechanical, evil metal from it. $7

Impaled Nazarene - Latex Cult
Bounding punk-rock mixed with glass-punching metal. $7

Impaled Nazarene - Decade of Decadence
Demos, live and rare studio work. 2CD. $12

Imprecation - Theurgia Goatia Summa
Texas band with legendary following, occult hermetic black/death metal from 1993. OOP/impossibly rare. $25

Incantation - Diabolical Summoning
Of their later albums, the best by far. $7

In Death's Throes - infernal deities transcending
Moody folk-keyboard music. Better than this one-line description. $6

Into the Void - Into the Void
Members of cult underground pop bands make Black Sabbath tribute. Rare. $9

Isengard - Hostmorke
Fenriz project for those who like the open woods. $8

John Connelly Theory - Back to Basics
Ex-Nuclear Assault guitarist introduces prog/fusion/dub influenced album. Technical. OOP/rare. $12

Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny
One of the more prescient albums of what metal was to become. $7

Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance
The most modern of the Judas Priest albums from their heyday. $4

Kilcrops - Javhe Karma
Experimental fusion of all metal genres to date with melodic guitar shredding. OOP/RARE. $21

Kraftwerk - The Mix
Modernized updates of the classic tunes, a good introduction. $5

Kraftwerk - Tone Float
Early psychedelic, distortion-heavy Tangerine Dream-style album with more punch. Import. $12

Krieg - Rise of the Imperial Hordes
The American sensation produces semi-improvisational chaos slaughter metal. OOP/RARE. $25

Krieg - The Church
EP of newly aggressive and chaotic songs from this USBM powerhouse. $9

Krieg - The Black Plague
A friend had this in his basement. The fool! Mine is already safe, so get yours. RARE. $25

Lemming Project - Hate and Despise
One of the "Swedish metal" styled fusions of an anomalous nature. Anti-society. used $5 new $6

Loudblast - Sublime Dementia
French ultra-heavy death metal, like Malevolent Creation with melody. $10

Loudblast - Sensorial Treatment
Their music gets more subtle and more punishing with each album. $10

Loxiran - Loxiran
Progressive punk with metalcore elements, but musical. $6

Magus - Ruminations of Debauchery
Heavy death metal with artistic concept. $6

Martyr - Extracting the Core
If you like technical death metal/heavy metal like later Death, a find. $8

Martyr - Warp Zone
Shredder guitar in metal/rock/jazz fusion. $8

Master - Unreleased 1985 Album
An influence on early death metal, heavy and angry. $7

Mastiphal - For Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory
Cult early release of necro-wave black metal. Rare. $9

Mayhem - Deathcrush
DSP version of this ultimate cult classic. $10

Mayhem/Thou Shalt Suffer
Unearthed Mayhem rehearsals from their beginnings and both Thou Shalt Suffer demos. BOOT/RARE/OOP. $27

Meathook Seed - Embedded
Industrial/grind fusion project from Napalm Death members. OOP. $7

Megadeth - Peace Sells But Who's Buying?
Shredders and malcontents meet for this groundbreaking album. $4

Megadeth - So Far, So Good, So what!
Ambitious musical effort from Dave Mustaine. $4

Megadeth - Killing is My Business and Business is Good
Original CD release of this angry masterpiece (including dropped tracks). $9

Megadeth - Maximum Megadeth
Rare, industry-only sampler of this classic guitar band. RARE/OOP/RARE. $ask

Mekong Delta - The Music of Erich Zann
Guitar fireworks aplenty. Rare/OOP. $10

Mesrine/Traumatism/Nyctophobic - 3 way split
New school blasting grind with post-political lyrics. $8

Metallica - Garage, Inc.
Covers and jams, 2CD, interesting to hear. $9

Metallica - Rough Justice
Superior sound quality bootleg of "And Justice" songs with heavier production. $27

Miasthenia/Songe d'Enfer - Visions of Nocturnal Tragedies
Shadowy melodic black metal split, violent. $9

Misanthrope - Immortal Misanthrope
Cult French progressive/technical death metal band with evil concept. New in wrapper. $10

Misanthrope - Variation on Inductive Theories
One of the earliest Holy Records releases, a classic of esoteric death metal. RARE/OOP. $10

Molested - Stormvold
You won't find it anywhere, but this is from an underground within the underground. OOP/rare. $ask

Morbid Angel - live 86-88
Priceless capture of early and improvisational moments from this band. RARE/BOOT. $20

Morbid Angel - demos 86/87
Early output from this band collected in one easy recording. RARE/BOOT. $20

Morgue - Eroded Thoughts
Underpraised American death metal act, inventive and progressive. OOP. $9

Morser - Two Hours to Doom
Black metal influenced high-speed grindcore. Unique. $7

Motorhead - On Parole
Earliest and most bluesy, guitar-oriented work from these gents. $7

Motorhead - Everything Louder Than Everyone Else
2CD live set with all the classics. $10

Motorhead - Iron Fist
Rare Japanese pressing of this classic CD. $8

Motorhead - Rock -n- Roll
Another fist-raising anthem. $6

Motorhead - Bomber
To love punk or metal is to love Motorhead. One of their most anthemic. $6

Motorhead - Live, Loud and Lewd
The classic lineup, the classic songs: the birth of metal and punk. $6

Napalm Death - The Complete Peel Sessions
Both sessions on professional CD. $8

Necrophiliac - Chaopula, Citadel of Mirrors
Ancient basic death metal with Tantric theory. So OOP it's invisible. $8

Nemesis - The Day of Retribution
Early pre-Candlemass doom metal project, now an heirloom for doomsters. $9

Nuclear Assault - Handle with Care
Nearing death metal, this Dan Lilker/John Connolly project mixed grind and technical metal. $6

Obituary - The End Complete
Doomy and morbid death metal from Florida. $6

Obliveon - Nemesis
Second album from these Canadian prog-metallers. $6

Obscurity - Damnation's Pride
Oddly well-done thunderous, basic death metal. $6

Obsecration - Ocean Oblivione
Melodic and intricate death metal. $5

Order From Chaos - And I Saw Eternity
Concentrated esoteric violence in this rare/OOP EP. $15

Order From Chaos - Dawnbringer
Shivadarshana edition of this Ur-metal classic. $25

Organic Infest - Penitence
Puerto Rican grind/metal like Cannibal Corpse but more creative. OOP/JL. $8

Overkill L.A. - Triumph of the Will
Vaguely NS-themed punk band from the 1980s, ultra-rare SST pressing. $10

Pan-Thy-Monium - III Khaoohs and Kon-Fus-Ion
Random, spacy, diverse collection in progmetal form. Rare, sought after. $12

Pan-Thy-Monium - Dream II
For fans of this band, the holy grail. Rare and worth every ounce of effort. $17

Pathologist - Grinding Opus of Forensic Medical Problems
Carcass worship from .CZ, original edition, very rare for grind maniacs only. $15

Pentagram - Pentagram
Demos and rare recordings from raw South American necro black fury phenomenon. RARE/OOP. $15

Pestilence - Spheres
Jazz-electro-metal hybrid that is also extreme. Not for those wanting relaxation. OOP/rare. $15

Phlegethon - Fresco Lungs
Copies of this are rumored to exist, and here's one. Finnish technical metal with bizarre flair. $ask

Poland, Chris - Return to Metalopolis
Of all the 1980s shredder albums, this had soul. Ex-Megadeth. $6

Powermad - Absolute Power
Totally rare 1980s first pressing of this recording, showed up in David Lynch film. $ask

Primordial - Imrama
Totally rare and unfindable first pressing first album of this Irish band. $12

Prong - For Dear Life
Rare single from this prog/metal/NYHC band. $3

Pyogenesis - Pyogenesis
Extremely rare (and long OOP) first release from the original atmospheric melodic prog metal band. RARE/OOP.


Ramones - Hey Ho! Let's Go!
Official anthology of their most enduring songs. $11

Red Tide - Themes of the Cosmic Consciousness
The next step up from Cynic. Totally rare, long out of print, jazz-influenced technical death/prog. $25

Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World
So rare it's an endangered species, this is early death metal of a technical nature. $15

Rigor Mortis - Freaks
So out of print it's in the Smithsonian. Fast, technical speed metal from Texas. $25

Rise - Life Into Ever Black EP
On Wild Rags, a foundational LA melodic technical death metal band. OOP/rare. $11

Rise - Shadow of Ruins
The full-length from this distinctive band. Can't find it anywhere else. $12

Rotten Piece - Caged Meat
Industrial/noise/gore crossover that enforces regurgitation. $8

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua
Long-sought-after, this is the most obscure release of the speed metal years. Kult! $14

Sacred Reich - Ignorance
Impossible to find OOP limited-pressing album from this AZ speed metal band. $21

Sacred Reich - The American Way
Speed metal landmark of youth protest against orderly society. $7

Sacrifice - Torment in Fire
Original edition of this thrashing classic. Loud and violent, OOP and rare. $25

Sadist - Above the Light
Artifact-rare Italian progressive death metal band. OOP, impossible to find. $14

Sadistic Intent - Resurrection
You can't find this except in Hades. Long out of print original LA death metal. $15

Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth
Second official release from this band, more technical. OOP. $9

Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
Dominating and grinding doom metal band from the original wave. OOP, rare. $25

Samael - Ceremony of Opposites
If Rammstein were a quality black metal band that went electro/industrial, this would be it. Original

edition. $9

Samain - Indomitus
Best of the Celtic melodic black metal bands. OOP, rare, and fierce. $9

Sammath - Strid
Off the beaten path Dutch black metal, extremely warlike. $6

Three aggressive bands share this CD in melodic chaos. Long unavailable. $9

Sarcophagus - Requiem to the Death of Passion
Great CD, has a manufacturing defect that skips on my TEAC player but not my SONY. $free with order

Scorn - Greetings from Birmingham
Hip-hop influenced original ambient/electro. $5

Scorn - Ancient Lights and the Black Core
Four-way split of experimental ambient. OOP. $5

Septic Flesh - Forgotten Paths (the early days)
Demos and rare recordings from this Greek black metal powerhouse. Brand new in wrapper. $9

Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
With bonus tracks. The band that started the rise of death metal in the public eye. $7

Sentenced - Shadows of the Past
Thrash records version of this Swedish-sounding pummeling death metal, rare/OOP. $12

Sinister - Aggressive Measures
Blasting violence from Dutch death metallers. $6

Slayer - Haunting the Chapel
Remaster. $5

Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain
Stoner doom metal in the heavy metal style, first pressing. $5

Sleep - Volume One
Absolutely hard to find early work, stoner drone with dirge qualities. $17

Stille Volk - Ex-uvies
Fusion between industrial, folk and progressive rock. Unique. $7

Stockhausen - Aus den sieben Tagen
Diego Masson/Ensemble Musique Vivante. Avantgarde noise classical composer. $7

Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra
2CD includes Ein Heldenleben, Eine Alpensinfonie, Don Juan, till Eulenspiegel. Georg Solti/Wiener

Philharmoniker. $10

Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra
Andre Previn/Wiener Philharmoniker. Includes tod und Verklaerung. $7

Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies
Avoid cheesy re-releases; this is the original, now a collector's item. $12

Summoning - Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Later release from this Austrian epic band. $6

Summoning - Stronghold
Soundtrack-influenced epic black metal. You can just about hear the Hobbits breathing. $7

Supuration - The Cube
Creative self-referential album of prog-rock/metal. OOP. $9

Supuration - Room Seven
They take their concept further. For fans of Kayo Dot, Dweezil Zappa, King Crimson. $9

Therion - Of Darkness...
With bonus tracks from this epic melodic orchestral metal band's heaviest recording. $7

Thor's Hammer - May the Hammer Smash the Cross
Agitated violent hardcore/metal crossover with anti-Judeo-Christian message. $7

Torchure - The Essence
Rare, early German death metal which outplays most of the stuff today. $10

Torchure - Beyond the Veil
A more technical undertaking by the same band. $10

Torgeist/Vlad Tepes - Black Legions Metal
Original pressing of this hard-to-find CD. $ask

Tormentor/Destruction - Bestial Invasion of Hell/End of the World
Launched many imitators, upset many parents, and still sought-after today. $16

Torturer - Oppressed by the Force
Rare frenetic fretwork metal from South America. $19

Transmetal - El Infierno de Dante
Mexican elite concept death metal. $7

Transmetal - Mexico Barbaro
Leagues beyond most else, and without apologies. RARE. $9

Umbra - Unclean Spirit
So new it's still in the wrapper thus, no description. $4

Unquintessence - Ruined
Québec black metal band that strikes hard with death metal influences. Abrasive, punishing. $7

Urgehal - Massive Terrestrial Strike
Designed to upset people: fast black metal. OOP. $9

Vader - live 93
Baron records, original edition of this live masterpiece; rare and unavailable for years. $ask

Vader - Sothis
OOP edition from defunct Repulse Records label, now a collector's item. $14

Valhall - Moonstoned
Side project of Fenris from Darkthrone; stoner doom. $7

Van Halen - Van Halen
Want to be a godlike rock guitarist? This is your bible. $6

Van Halen - 5150
Great summer evening listening rock/metal. $6

Vilkates - Angeldust and Blasphemy
One of the few new black metal bands to have power. German pressing. $7

Vlad Tepes/Belketre - March to the Black Holocaust
In excellent original condition, the only pressing. $ask

Welt - Paranoid Delusion
Suffocation riff wizard Doug Cerrito made this a great album. $ask

Zeni Geva - Desire for Agony
Visceral unplanned explosion of mental energy. Original edition/OOP. $10

Zeni Geva - Live in Amerika
Late career live album spanning the years with updated musicianship. $9

Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster
One long track of improv noise-prog-metal fusion. OOP/RARE. $10

Zeni Geva - Nai-Ha
Experimental metal, progressive rock, alternative drone, mixed. Landmark. $12

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