Black Metal.

my top 5 in no particular order:
dodheimsgard - black medium current
thy darkened shade - liber lvcifer II: mahapralaya
sühnopfer - nous sommers d'hier
ὁ μεɣας - κηρυξ πῦρ EP
gideon's horn - triumphant command EP

still got quite a few on my wishlist to get through though.

hey guys, just posted a list of my favourite black metal albums, check them out sometime.
150+ BM albums just this year???

As usual I haven't heard much black metal this year (I will get to your recs wainds, cheers) but I wanna shill the new Doomentor demo. Linked my favourite song "Akt VI" above. Arguably their best stuff so far (or at least on par with the 2022 album) and they've shifted almost completely into an epic "viking" era Bathory type band.

Also the new Wolves in the Throne Room EP was bit of a let down. I've jammed the Caixão album a few times and it's really growing on me. Only reason I haven't rated it yet is because it's such a grower that I don't really know how I feel yet. Weird album.

Discovered this demo the other day, I've been on and off tapping into it.
What's the best black metal this year so far?
I don't know what kind of Black Metal you like, but I mostly listen to Atmospheric Black Metal. These are some of the highlights for me in some rough order.

Blaze of Sorrow - Vultus Fati
Sworn - A Journey Told Through Fire
Faidra - Militant: Penitent: Triumphant
Jord - Tundra
Ofnus - Time Held Me Grey and Dying
Wayfarer - American Gothic
Primordial - How It Ends
Vials of Wrath - Ataraxia
Inherits the Void - The Impending Fall of the Stars
Fathomage - Autumn's Dawn, Winter's Darkness

Here's a couple Black/Death:

Sturmtiger - Transcendent Warfare
Ulfud - Of Existential Distortion