Black Rose Immortal live?

well , i doubt this , Leeb once said the only time they played it was for soundcheck b4 a gig once...and i would imagine only a part of it...
I have that video and im sure a million other people on this board do too.

There is no black rose immortal played, that dude is an ass because he is making people like you bid for his product by making false claims. And anyways it is a bootleg, only fuckheads sell those on ebay!, don't support the selling of bootlegs Scourge, just trade man.
Take up too much of their set?!... yeah look at Dream Theater for a second. During their summer tour when they had 90minute shows, they played the full Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence for the majority of the shows... almost 42mins (they don't play the Overture)
It "taking so much time" would be the whole awesomeness of it. I'd be willing to discard Advent and something else in place of Black Rose Immortal.