BLAZE BAYLEY: Infinite Entanglement


God of Thunder
Apr 1, 2005
near KC

"...Former Iron Maiden vocalist, Blaze Bayley, has released a music video for the new track “Human”, to be featured on his upcoming eighth solo album, Infinite Entanglement, to be released on March 1st...."


Cool. The first 2 albums, Silicon Messiah and Tenth Dimension are still my favorites, but I enjoy his entire discography, so I'm looking forward to this.
One of the biggest mysteries in metal is how he got the Iron Maiden gig, beating out the likes of Labrie, Matos, and Doogie White.

It's not that mysterious, since they have, after all, discussed it in interviews, heh. Basically, they weren't all that interested in bringing in someone international, and thus were pretty strongly focused on finding someone from the UK. Apparently, Doogie White was strongly considered, but after they jammed with a few different guys, they ultimately felt that Blaze Bayley, despite his voice / range being different from Bruce Dickinson's, was the best fit for the band. Both Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain have stated this in interviews.
Album now released and a few listens through VERY impressed!

Is maybe slight more melody and less heavy than the last few (Promise And Terror fave of his last few), perhaps a step back to the sound of his first couple releases has worked a treat.

Infinite Entanglement may well turn out to be his best album since Silicon and Tenth Dimension, killer record!
I absolutely agree. Blaze would be a killer show. His passion is undying for his craft. A great guy with a great attitude. He can sing!
I would love to see Blaze featured at PPUSA in the near future.

I would sponsor the shit out of this if it were a possibility. While I haven't been able to see him live, every performance I've seen on DVD and online shows that he leaves nothing behind. He truly seems to give it all on stage.

There has been a lot of derision aimed towards Blaze over the years. I guess there are a lot of butt hurt in the Maiden fanboy camp thatsomehow blame Blaze for Iron Maiden moving on to another vocalist. Whatever. The IM albums with Blaze are every bit as good or better than many IM releases that Dickinson sang on, and Blaze's solo stuff has been consistently great. Infinite Entanglement is no exception.

There is something very candid and genuine about Blaze's solo work, and I admire his just working through the low points and the haters. Most would have curled up and faded away.

There is also a lot to be said for the superior quality of the releases and merch he produces.