BONE GNAWER Signs New Album Deal With Pulverised Records

Apr 29, 2008

We are pleased to announce the re-signing of Horror / Gore Death Metallers BONE GNAWER; back to invade and pollute our roster with more impaling Death Metal!

BONE GNAWER is a collaboration between legendary growler Kam Lee (ex-Mantas, ex-Massacre, ex-Denial Fiend), Swedish madman Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Demiurg, Ribspreader, etc) and together with Ronnie Bjornstrom (Hate Ammo, Ribspreader, Taedeat, etc) and Morgan Lie of Naglfar fame.

Comments BONE GNAWER frontman Kam Lee on the new album deal and also giving us a sneak-peek into the upcoming album:

"Once again those cannibal misfits and morbid horror freaks of BONE GNAWER are back to bring forth their unique blend of horror/gore death metal!

And once more we are signing with PULVERISED RECORDS! It feels good to be back with PULVERISED - because this is the one label that has a real true understanding of the type of old school 90's style of death metal we play. This time around BONE GNAWER is taking another brave and bold approach to our musical direction and lyrical concepts.

We always strive to push of going against the grain and not catering to the "modern trends", all the while staying "true" to the old school death metal sound.This time around we are taking a slash & stab at the flesh and going for a complete hard revenge - torture & vengeance type lyrical concept. Although some of those 'cannibal themed' type lyrics will remain. We are taking on a more gritty feel and a much more darker edged 'grind-house' appeal to our lyrical concepts.

Taking influences from some of the more hard-core exploitation type films of the late 1970's
such as "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" & "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT". As well musically we are retaining all the horrific blend of old school death metal we are known for, yet combining it with an even more catchy and groovy flair!!"

The follow-up album to their successful debut "Feast of Flesh" is currently underway in the midst of recording, and more details will be announced soon.

A brand new song entitled "Scissored" in lower quality is now available for preview on the BONE GNAWER Official Myspace page. To hear the high quality version of the song, fans will need to sign up for the BONE GNAWER mailing list on their Facebook page.

BONE GNAWER Official Myspace