this what i have been reading, or will read in the first half of my 6 week pre-college thingy. i'm interested in any comentary you guys may have on any of this:

"heart of darkness" - joseph conrad (read for my english class next year, over several days, i meticulously studied it for the "subtle symbolism and themes, need to see "apocalypse now", based loosely on the novella)

"brave new world" - aldous huxley (read in 2 days just for the hell of it [i know i will be exposed to it again down the road] and i enjoyed it, it wasn't complex at all, although i enjoyed 1984 much more.

"lord of the flies" - william golding (another one for school, haven't read it yet)

"bear v. shark" - chris bachelder (hilarious satire on life, written by one of my teachers, who some call the next kurt vonnegut, haven't read the whole thing yet, the book store was sold out of copies)

"nathaniel" - john saul (horror novel, reading it for enjoyment)

"queen of the damned" - anne rice (read the first 2 vampire books, felt the need to start on this one)

"time's arow" - martin amis (reading for class, the book is written totally backwards - very strange work of literature, but enjoyable)

damn, hard to believe i read/am reading all that. . . in only a week or two

anyone read any of this stuff?
Lord of the Flies- we read that in my senior English class. It'll make you loathe pork!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a pretty good book though. These kids on this plane crash on this island, no adults, and so they're having to survive on their own and one kid becomes obsessed with hunting pigs, and blah blah blah, they all kill this one poor kid, blah blah blah, finally get rescued while they are in the middle of hunting and killing the main character, blah blah blah.:D
stabbing wesstwerd- thay are ok, er, were. thay broke up. thee onlee sowng by thim that uh reely lyke is, ahh, damm, uh cann't theenk of thee name. eet goes, "Uh cann nott save yuu. Yuu cann't eevin savee yerself!" he he he he he
Here's some names for y'all....

Allen Ginsberg, Willaim Burroughs, Aldous Huxley, John C. Lilly, Dr. Leary of course, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson... Noam Chomsky....
the list goes on....