Brave (Arise from Thorns)

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Servant of the Succubi
May 6, 2001
Sverige (Sweden)
So, do we got any "Brave" fans in here?

If you didn't know, "Brave" is a small American band which so far has released one album (under the name "Arise from Thorns", which is a very good description of the somewhat, but not entirely, optimistic sound of their music), which was called "Before an Audience of Stars" (re-release 2001, Dark Symphonies), and recently recorded an EP called "Waist Deep in Dark Waters" (now THAT should catch your attention, my dark friends! :).

Brave's music (especially the songs on their debut) reminds me a little of Opeth's "ballads" (one of the differences being that they've got a (great) female singer, Michelle Loose). Their music has been described as "a solid blend of folk acoustic tendencies, atmospheric music in the vein of The 3rd & the Mortal or the more acoustic leanings of Love Spirals Downwards" (John Chedsey, SSMT).
Thus, Brave is not an extreme metal band (though their sound is actually getting heavier and heavier), but I think those who like Opeth's growl-free music (now who doesn't?) will probably find something to appreciate in Brave. Personally, I can't get enough of Brave...

...but perhaps I should mention that I don't actually OWN any of the albums, since the band is still way too small to be found in Swedish shops. So how is it that I've still been able to listen so much to this band? Well, the odd thing is that all of their songs are available free from their web page, with perfect audio quality (they're definitely take a risk here, what if the American fans download all the songs without buying the albums?).

If all of this sounds interesting, go check it out yourself (and then vote, I want to know if you liked it)!


May 2, 2001
Tel-Mond, Israel
the vocalist reminds me a lot of The Cranberris' vocalist (not metal, yet a great vocalist)

EDIT: after a few more listens, the whole band sounds like the Cranberris, not much of a metal band. Yet, still a great band.


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May 1, 2001
Vancouver, Canada
Hey, this thread got resurrected back to the top of the list...
I must also say that I, too, quite enjoy Brave/Arise from Thorns. I really like the more upbeat tracks, actually, "Dreaming" and "Spirit". I've heard them likened to several things, everything from "The Cranberries meet Pink Floyd" to "ABBA with an edge". Heh... neither of these descriptions are accurate, but I found them amusing. Cool stuff, check it out!