CAB is delighted to share his new cd "MELODIC MINISTRY" curious what you think


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Feb 11, 2024
I am an old school drummer from Detroit whos been around including playing L.A. music scene 1982-1989 then returned home to Detroit in 1989. Played in top metal bands there until 2021 and moved to Florida gulf coast where I reside now . Past few years I have been picking up the guitar and keys again and put together a wide range of melodic hooks with interesting melodies and rhythms pleasant to the ear with smart lyrics . Sorry no masks or face paint which is cool for live shows and videos but if you want to hear melodic good songs just chillin in front of your stereo , then

Hope you like some older melodic style metal . Let me know what you think.

give this album a listen. Like to know what you think. Whole 13 song album "MELODIC MINISTRY" is on spotify or check out a few videos on my web page. PEACE
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