can they beat BWP

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Jul 7, 2001
bwp isnt my fav opeth album... but it's clearly the best... the style they have reached.... the harmonies... the vocals... the amazing melodies.... all jam packed... the ridiculous variety of things are al jam packed in this cd.... i cant see how its possible to make a better cd then this... how ... will they be able to do it??? what do you think? maybe theyll put out another one thatsnot as good.. and then on their 7th release it will be better... but this is just too damn good.... its unbeatable.... they would have to do like 10 guitar tracks for each part to beat this.. shit they probably do like 10 anyway!
Am I the only one who thinks that BWP isn't their best work? I mean, there's definitely some great stuff on it, and it's still head and shoulders (and torso, waist and thigh) above other music, but it lacks the cohesion and uniqueness of the other albums. Maybe it's because the production is so similar to Still Life that it doesn't stand out as much.

The guitar melodies and vocal harmonies are definitely well written and performed, but the songs just aren't as memorable. I really liked the concepts for both MAYH and Still Life, which gives those albums this aforementioned cohesion.

Not that it's bad, but it's not this grandiose masterpiece to me. Y'know? :)

And I don't think I've heard more than 3 guitars at once, which is typical. You get two for the harmony lead, and you still need one rhythm...
Now there's been time for BWP to settle into everyone's subconcious, the question should be....

Is BWP as good as their previous works?

Consider the word "cohesion" especially. It is something that is very important in Opeth's music....
Well....I won't say anything about which one is best, but BWP has clearly the biggest amount of character, something beyond mere notes. I consider that an important thing when judging albums. The cover art has something to do with that, but anyway.
I don't understand one thing. I don't think I could ever rank the Opeth all depends on what mood I am in. Opeth, to me, is one of those bands that really depend on the mood of the listener.

I guess you all don't agree with this, because I've seen plenty of album rankings.
Well, they can beat Blackwater Park.
But I don't think they can ever beat Morningrise :)
If they do, well I'll shut up and listen to it forever and ever ;)
blackwater park is easier to listen to than their other works. it's got some shorter songs... some songs holding the same style throughout. quite frankly, what opeth does with individual songs is some of their best work to date. the parts are just as complicated as the other albums, the melodies are superb, vocal variety is there, too. but while blackwater park may hold some of their most creative and cathartic songwriting to date, along with a fantastic production a la Steve Wilson, it is not their best ALBUM. there's much more that defines an album than the individual quality of the songs. most people like Morningrise or Still Life the best, I've noticed, and my theory for that is that Morningrise and Still Life both have thematic and musical threads that run the length of the album... that tie it together.

then, too, Blackwater Park is new, and given the quality of their previous releases, is fated to be scrutinized with a curmudgeon mindset.
I don't think "Can they beat BWP" is a question I'd try to answer. "How much more can they progress" I can at least wonder. It's hard to imagine what they’ll come out with next. That is something I’ve always admired/respected them for. The element of surprise! Mikael has said several times that they won’t release an album that they don’t love themselves. So good! It’s hard to imagine the next album. Blackwater Park still has that brand new feel to it.

Saturnix has a good point. I think BWP proves that they can write shorter songs and still pack maximum expression into them.

Thus, I think Mikael will start getting into more minimalistic, sensitive, moodier approaches to songs.

There is NO WAY that Opeth will ever put out an album like Morningrise again. I'm not talking about quality, I mean, that style of that album.

Opeth are getting into songs more now rather than riffs. Sure, they will still be ornate and beautiful, but easier to digest and leaner. With every release, they become more one with music than before. As they mature, every album gets 'better'.

The future only looks flaming bright for Opeth. Primarily for the fact that they do not and will not consider themselves as part of the 'metal underground' and it's limiting set of 'rules' put on by people. They make music for themselves.. and it happens to be some of the best out now.
I've said it many a time before, but I enjoy talking so I'll say it again. BWP has some of Opeth's best songs. However, it's those "other" songs that concern me. IMO, after the fantastic The Drapery Falls winds down, and the very nice opening of Dirge for November finishes, the rest of the record lacks something Opeth has never lacked on any second of any track before. It's not as cohesive, more repetitive, and just less interesting than anything Opeth had done before. Maybe it is because it's the newest and it has yet to sink in... but I once read someone say that BWP is Opeth's longest record, but contains the least music, and I can agree with that viewpoint. It's often called maturity, but I don't get why. As for the next record, as I've said elsewhere, Orchid and Morningrise were kinda the "first era" of Opeth. MAYH, Still Life, and BWP the second. I think album six (what with it coming after a bit of a delay due to touring and Mikael's planned sideproject) will ring in a third era - be prepared for something a bit different.
You guys just have not seen the light yet.

At first I loved MAYH- its structure, epilogue and credence, and demon and "run away run away" the cohesiveness to the lyrics- it's concept album- and the dark beauty of lyrics.

Then somehow when the poll ofr favorite album on these boards came out I voted morningrise- every song on that damn album is excellent- advent a masterpiece, the night and the silent water and nectar- personal favorites- blackrose immortal-- another mega masterpiece- and damn doesn't that accoustic section at about the 11 min mark slow you down and force you listen, force you to partake in mike's sadness? And no ones does heroic "ballads" better than Opeth in TBYF.

But I don't know what it is, BP has that soemthing, it has the best production of all the albums, and there this luxury about it.

Leper Affinity could easily have been on STill or MAYH, with this sultry guitar solo that interludes, and the piano outro, Bleak is as great as it gets, Harvest- damn that song is pretty.

---Well I don't like actually drapery falls too much ( i tend to skip it) except for the beggninng "riff" that returns at the end and carries us to the end of the song.

NOvermber dirge- is, well, like a dirge- this moment of doom that takes us and consumes our lives- the beggining to the end and that middle section, nothing exists that's spells out "DOOM" like that song.

Funera protrait rocks, and then following this you have Patterns in the Ivy-- the title alone is beautiful. And man I love this track.

And then my favorite track Blackwater Park: who wouldn't be moved by the sheer power and majesty of the opening riffs? That song is majestic.

BP is not my favorite album, but I definitely would not consider it a "lesser album" It's just as great as the others. my two cents
Why do people say that the album slows down and becomes less-than-Opeth after The Drapery Falls?

Dirge for November is one of those songs that builds in intensity so nicely and constantly until it reaches its climax at 5:40.

The Funeral Portrait is a fantastic and energetic song that is one of my personal favorites. The guitar solo at 4:28 and the outro that starts at 7:30 are incredible.

Then you have Patterns in the Ivy, which fully achieves its purpose as a filler or a segue.

Finally, Blackwater Park. This song is also beautiful; the intro riff is one of my favorites. During the end, there is maybe one minute of the song that I think drags a little bit. Other than that, it's a masterpiece.

Just my opinion.
the rest of the record lacks something Opeth has never lacked on any second of any track before. It's not as cohesive, more repetitive, and just less interesting than anything Opeth had done before.