Carcass reunion

I doubt it. Ken won't be able to play drums, and they won't reform without him. From what I've read, Bill isn't really into metal much anymore either. :(
There was an interview a little while ago with I think Jeff suggesting that it was possible that they would reform, and that they had Kens blessing to do so with a new drummer, from what I remember Amott was into the idea, but as winmar said Bill doesnt seem to intersted; we can always pray.
Wow, I didn't realise that was the case. It'd be great if they could get back together without Ken. Bill would be the hard nut to crack though!

If Amott isn't available there's always Carlo Regadas or whatever his name is. :)
Sweet, that's a long article! I'll save it to disk and read it at home. Thanks for the link. I don't read many Carcass related articles.

Jeff looks bloody different! (see the pic down the bottom)

Which drummer's he talking about down the bottom of the page? Adrian Erlandsson?
Oh, St Helens. I'm a St Helens RLFC fan. Haha I didn't know about the incest bit!

You a blue, red, or neither of the above? hoping for a reunion too..
but it seems impossible for them as jeff seems lack of interest in this anymore..unless ken would be able to play again..
where is carlos and bill steer now?
Bill's down south playing in another band. Check that Jeff Walker interview link that Dan posted.