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May 1, 2001
This article appeared in The New York Post, a right wing tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, on Friday 9/22.

I've seen the stages of reaction after the attack go in this order: shock, anger, sorrow, and patriotrism, which always leads to idiocy and muddled thinking. People of the world, be scared, the country that brings you Schwarzenegger and the World Wrestling Federation is going to war.

Here's the article, by Amanda Peyser. If you want to write the paper to complain, here's the link

September 21, 2001 -- IT'S time for the United Nations to get the hell out of town.
And take with it CNN war slut Christiane Amanpour.

Also, short ABC comedian Bill "those bombers were brave" Maher. More on that in a sec.

The U.N. building towers over the East River like a giant middle finger aimed at our shores.

The once-shiny beacon of peace has devolved into a cancer, where all manner of anti-American lunacy is hatched.

Today, the U.N. functions as an international megaphone through which every Third World dictatorship vents its fury at our way of life.

Though technically not on American soil, the United Nations clogs our city like sewage.

It lustily sucks up our police, our water, our sanitation services while its personnel jam city streets by parking illegally, and break all manner of traffic and criminal law with a get-out-of-jail-free card known as diplomatic immunity.

Now, the United Nations is serving yet another function: It has become the quietest place on earth.

Since two planes toppled the World Trade Center in a fiery blast of terror, the United Nations has been mute.

Where are the diplomats we housed and fed, whose transgressions we excused, whose libels we endured, now that the nearby turf is in ruins?

Oh, yes, Secretary General Kofi Annan has been on television in a hard hat, grabbing network face time by glancing, moist-eyed, at the ruins of the Twin Towers.

But where are the resolutions? The outrage? The deep, heartfelt expressions of regret?

Not here. Not now. And certainly not for us.

So, the United Nations doesn't like this nation? Fine. Don't let the door hit you on the butt as you get the hell out.

Go home to your police states and smarmy European capitals.

"The U.N. provides cover almost the same way the Taliban does," observes Harvey Kushner, an author and terrorism expert.

"It serves as the laboratory, the linchpin for legitimizing incendiary rhetoric," Kushner said.

Following the initial shock, America-bashing, I'm distressed to report, is going full throttle.

And not just in the foreign media - though there's plenty of that - but right here, at home, in the guise of "analysis."

Explaining why the Arab world hates us, CNN's Amanpour spewed her bias in a live conversation with news blonde Paula Zahn:

"The issue of the United States' close alliance with Israel, the perception that the United States does not care as much about the suffering of Muslims in Palestine, in what they call Palestine, is a key reason for the anti-Americanism on the rise in the Middle East."

I wonder what her Jewish in-laws think.

Short comedian Bill Maher was even more rabid.

On "Politically Incorrect," Maher declared the United States cowardly for "lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away" at Iraq. In the next breath, he praised the bravery of the trade center bombers.

"Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it's not cowardly," gushed Maher.

He later insisted our government is cowardly, not our soldiers. Thanks.

The truth is the monsters who attacked us hate not just the United States and Israel. They hate wealthy Saudi Arabia. They hate non-fundamentalist Muslims. They treat women like slaves, children like property, and dream of romping with virgins in paradise.

Everyone with a gripe against Israel or America has joined the orgy in the guise of "analysis." Analyze this, you bastards.


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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The downward spiral of irrational thinking is escalating. It has always existed, but those "cowards" who've been afraid to speak their minds needed a tragic event to bring them out of their shells. And now we know why these people were in their shells to begin with.

I think the people who "bash" just can't see the complexities and many angles as to what is transpiring in the history books of the future. I think people are unable to drill down far enough to see what this "war" is all about. People stop along the way at different "events", and use these events as a tool to spew out garbage. The USA is just entering a battle that has been going on for decades. Just like people who spend their entire lives analyzing one line in the bible - here comes the new wave of analysis:

Ignorance (IMO)