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May 19, 2001
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What are your comments on this review of Blackwater Park? Obviously, a shallow man's opinion.

Yep, you're thinking, "Opeth, aren't they death metal? The 'Basement don't usually cover grave rock...hmmm.." Well, truth be told, we had reservations approaching the album. Yet, somehow, word got out that the band has developed their sound away from the gargle growling and diversified into a unique, indescribable sonic exploration. Well, that's sorta true. The first two cuts have the usual Cookie Monster vocals but soon, it's slides under the cover of acoustic, progressive Heep a la "Lady In Black" or "The Park." This is the approach on "Harvest" and "The Drapery Falls", two graveyard creep out campfire tunes that offer up the best side of the disc. But the fire breath of death returns on "The Funeral Portrait", another unintelligible mass of tongue spasms cluttering up what is rather interesting, soaring musical undertows. A mixed bag that will fit well into the manic depressive's library if nothing else. -Rev Dude Rock
Do you have a link to that review? :eek:

I understand when someone does not like death is just something some people can not get into, but it is funny when they think all death growls are the same Cookie Monster screams.....while I can respect a person not into death growls, if you group this style into one generic sound, I loose respect for you.
Who did this review? what site or magazine did it? I can respect his review. not everyone likes everything. and not likeing death growls, that's fine. he probably shouldn't of done the review, but whatever. not fair to call him shallow though, that is the opinion of an elitist.
Appears to be a biased reviewer. Another guy, for the same publication, gave In Flames Clayman 4 of 5 stars and mentioned the death vox took time to get used to.

People will be people
Read this one instead, it's a bit better (still not particularly GOOD, but since most negative Opeth reviews are complete rubbish, this is one of the "best"):


"This is a CD that completely defies definition and is actually pretty original. it ain't Black Metal because it gives off a peaceful and romantic (!!!!!!) atmosphere, it ain't Death Metal because it isn't brutal in the least, it ain't Doom because it is usually fast paced, and it ain't Ambient/Atmospheric because it just ain't. But even though this CD is musically unique and in a style of it's own, that alone doesn't make them any good, as the lyrics would fit more on MTV-ish pop then they would on Metal music (being that they're love songs!!!), they shove acoustic parts in their songs every two minutes (for no apparent reason.), and the beat seems far too aggressive for the laid-back music that they play. It's not COMPLETE shit, though, it has its good points, a great bassist and good production for example, it's few points of interest, however, are not nearly enough to salvage this ridiculous and much- hated (Opeth have a VERY bad reputation within the [Black] Metal underground.) disc. For your reading pleasure let's break it down.

Guitars - The two guitars on this CD actually work very well together, but the riffs they play are very quiet and get quite boring as a consequence of their peacefulness and their infinite acoustic parts. This is good music if you have insomnia and want to get to sleep but definitely not music for the middle of the day. The guitars also have a very progressive feel, almost as if it's doing a permanent solo, or something, this may be because the distortion isn't heavy at all. Bearable - 6.5/10

Bass - One of the finer points of this album (if not the finest), the bassist on this CD is no less then amazing. Never before have I heard a better bassist for a Metal band. but I think it goes a bit too far, when an entire song sounds like a long bass solo that's then called over-indulgence, and gets, of course, quite annoying. Great - 8/10

Drums - Nothing extraordinary, a bit too aggressive for the music that they play, and really boring and repetitive at times, *sigh* there just isn't much to say about the drums on this disc . Average - 6.8/10

Vocals - The vox on this disc are somewhere between a grim Black Metal scream and a Death Metal growl and are actually quite good, in an original sort of way. There isn't much singing on this disc though, which is a pity. Great - 8/10

Production - This CD was produced in a very clear and crisp manner. The instrument balance is also pretty good; the two guitars are at EXACTLY the same volume and sound good, the vocals and drums were also nicely produced, but the bass is far too loud and doesn't have a very well-done low-end. Besides the too-loud bass, everything was done fine. Good - 7.5/10

This CD wasn't intended for people like me, I can't stand this music. They play their instruments well, but everything else about this band is just pathetic. I personally would avoid this CD and anything else that this band has to offer, be wise and do the same ; ).

Pros - Great bassist, okay production, good vox, it's an original band with no clones (but who would WANT to clone them??)
Cons - Boring drumming, boring riffs, romantic lyrics, gay imagery, poor guitar sound

Style of music - I really don't know how to describe it. Just read the review, you'll get the basic idea.
Will likely appeal to - Women, a mainstream audience, and your parents.

Overall - Poor (not because they're aesthetically bad, quite the opposite actually, but because I just don't like what they do, their lyrics, and the music that they play)

Reviewed by Demonyr"

I stole this review from:
Thanks for sharing that review on Morningrise...
What can I say? I just don't understand some people.
And some people just don't understand the greatness of Opeth.
I strikes me that whoever wrote that second review went in without an open mind, and when he didn't get a typical death metal record didn't give it a chance. Well, thats the impression I get neway but he's entitled 2 his own opinion.
Here's a much more open minded guy, if only everyone was like this.

The Leper Affinity
The Drapery Falls
Dirge for November
The Funeral Portrait
Patterns in the Ivy
Blackwater Park

The band Opeth may be new to our American readers but Blackwater Park is actually their fifth full-length release. This Swedish band has distinguished themselves as one of the top metal bands in Europe with their previous four releases. One listen to Blackwater Park (Their first album to be released in the U.S. thanks to the fine folks at Koch Entertainment) and it is easy to see where all the hype came from, in fact it’s not hype at all but well placed praise. I will point out for the record that I am not a regular listener to either Death or Black metal, it’s not my cup of tea, while Opeth could conceivable be classified in either genre, their music really transcends both styles. Half of the vocal treatment on Blackwater Park lands firmly in the deathmetal growl category, but vocalist guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt has a more melodic side to his voice, which he utilizes throughout the album. That contrast between growl and melodic vocals is just one of the elements that helps Opeth cross genre lines. The closest comparison that comes to mind for the dueling vocal styles was the 80’s metal band Pretty Maids, although Opeth sound is about 1000 times heavier.

Fans of progressive death metal should feel right at home with Opeth. Their music even reaches into the territory of epic metal that is really popular in Europe at the moment. But by far the most impressive elements to this band and album is the musicianship, instrumentation and the composition. Songs like The Leper Affinity, Blackwater Park, Harvest and Dirge for November go beyond the confines of rock or metal and take on the intensity of classical music. It’s like listening to a metal orchestra.

Blackwater Park is an album of Epic proportions that can easily be called a modern metal masterpiece. Even if you are like me and just can’t get into the death or black metal sound, this band transcends both styles in such away that it might just open your mind to those genres; I know it has for me.

Yeah I didn't know Opeth even had anything to do with the black metal underground. They must have a bad reputation now because they are known by more than 1,000 people.
as far as the black metal thing...think about what the big thing was in sweden and norway when they released metal was supreme at the time...emperor, marduk, ulver, the list goes on and on....look at the firestarter comp....opeth is on there. they were marketed as black metal when they came metal people bought it and didn't like. hence the bad rep..not fair but that is what went down. they released an album with a flower on it in the midst of the black metal explosion. and it was released stateside on century black i believe. people like what they like. some people dont get into opeth. i'm sure they dont understand that you dont get into their favorite band too..its no different.
Yeah, I still see some of the puritanical BM (this isn't meant as an attack on Dimmu, I'm just borrowing the word) assholes shit on Opeth, referring to the new album as "Bathwater Park"...yeah, and listening to albums with unintelligible Norwegian vocals and paper thin guitars and monotone blast beats that sound like they were produced in a toilet makes you an authority on music.