Concert in Denmark or Sweden?


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May 22, 2001
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This is not really a message which can start a discussion, but more a me-falling-on-my-knees-to-beg-Katatonia-to-come-by-Copenhagen-or-another-place-near-by!! So if you read this, Jonas or Anders, please do what you can to come by, I know you've got quite a lot of fans here!
I can count to at least 7 people in Odense, Denmark that listens to Katatonia, that i know of!
And there's probably even more in Copenhagen!!!

What about doing Malmø, Copenhagen, (Odense - unlikely), Århus, Hamburg :)))))

I'm on for every show!!
If you, Jonas or Anders, read this, pleeeeaasse do what you can to play in Germany as well. here are also lots of Katatonia fans who would really like to see you live!!!!
Maybe you bring Anathema with you ??????????????????????????
Yeah please come to Hamburg´s good ol´ Markthalle and tear our eardrums to shreds! I´m looking forward to seeing you (a)live. Okay, you´ll need some support bands, simply take these British newcomers Anathema and My Dying Bride with you, but don´t give them any soundchecks ;)