Cool music!

Damn Kenneth I'm so sorry-
I never saw your post until now!
I thought nobody was interested into my music (these forums) anymore lol
Well Shadrane's debut will be released on Oct 10 and we're finishing the follow-up to ONIRIC METAL, titled "Atomic Ark".
I will make an effort and try to post more info soon :)
I need Atomic Ark NOW! Haha :D I can't wait to get that album. I am not sure what I am more excited for, Temporal or Atomic Ark. Most assuredly they will both be amazing.
Oh, no kidding! Didn't know you were into oldschool death metal. Good to hear!

I've listened to the teaser demo on your page at least 30 times now, I know for sure. It sounds awesome so far, and I love the new things Martin is trying. Anyway, keep up the great work man.
Hey, Lalu. I just purchased Oniric Metal the other day, I listened to it on the way to work, and was absolutely blown away (arriving at work was even more upsetting than usual, since I had to turn it off halfway through). Let me just say, this is how prog-metal is done! After listening to it 3 times, I went online to purchase the rest of the Lalu albums, only to realize that this is your first... I couldn't believe a debut album is this killer! I'd like to say thank you, and I'd also like to know how Atomic Ark is coming along. Keep up the great work!
Hey _Gentleman of_the Snow_

First of all, sorry about the late reply. I should hit these forums more often.

I am so happy that you like ONIRIC METAL. I'm still surprised when people discover that album today (it's been 5 years almost). Thanks for taking the time to write here and all your kind words! It's "fuel" for inspiration, really...

The new album should be finished before August 2009 (otherwise we'll owe bucks to our label, so better finish it on time) so you can be sure that there will be a new LALU album in 2009.

I will keep you posted. ANYWAY, thanks for the awesome comments (Cory as well - by the way I love the early Sepultura ;)) this gives us a reason for doing it and makes it worth the hassle (prog music dont pay off... yet). :erk:

Ah, cool news! By the way Viv, have you talked to Henrik lately? Next time you get a chance to chat with him, ask him about our project. I wanted to talk to you more about it but I feared you were busy.
Cory Richards!!!

You're awesome, mate - I forgot to tell you that I heard your soundtrack, it kicks serious ass... Reminded me of the Mass Effect OST (a 360 & PC RPG), congratulations.

I talked to Henrik, yes, about some projects- but none of yours(?). tell me, do you have something special in mind? I did not know that you were planning something. Please let me know the details! :D


Never played Mass Effect, but I'm addicted to "Left 4 Dead" right now, lol.

I found your album on That site carries a LOT of prog music, and I just scan it for albums that look interesting. You should see if you can get in touch with Symphony X sometime. They are very similar in style and have made a name for themselves with their latest release. It would cut you a big break if you scored a tour with them. Circus Maximus toured with them last year, and they are becomming quite popular.

And then of course... there's Dream Theater :loco:
I think Viv got kidnapped! :( :lol:

Noppe. I've been eaten by a f### giant worm but could make my way through it. Thanks for the concern tho' :heh:


@Gentleman Of The Snow: Oh, I already did some "years" ago. Met Russell Allen in person (put beers together in a fridge backstage lol) and also a couple of phone calls with Mike Romeo. But these people - although sweet and down to earth - are too busy and I wouldn't dare to bother them with my crap, to "force" my music or projects upon them... Would be too unrespectful, and I bet my remaining leg they forgot about me. I admire them so much, it's like- I prefer the way it is. I would shit in my pants if I'd ever meet Mike Romeo, an idol of mine, so it's fine as it is... Just an idol of mine. Greets :)