curiosities on deliverance


the psychedelic servant
Jan 20, 2002
ok, we alla know that the final lines in the last track are played in reverse. but...

1.the digipack results to be made by Pozzuoli, Italy

2.i think that mike and steven say "a fair judgement is served", instead of "deserved"

3.20 seconds before the ending of the title track i hear a strange noise, similar to the noise you hear when an mp3 is not well decoded. a mastering error? or it's just my cd over a million?
1) I'm not sure what you're talking about here
2) It's not that odd to mangle lyrics. Most bands do.
3) I hear it too, it's like someone knocked some equipment while laying down an instrument track and no one noticed.
It's on the last section, when the melody stops and the piano notes occur. It's somewhere near the second note. Around 13:15.