DARKANE - "Insanity"


Lord and Liar
May 31, 2001
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I got 2 CDs yesterday, one of them was Rakoth's "Jabberworks", a calm black metal album (if black metal can be calm), and Darkane's "Insanity". A world of difference between those bands, to be sure.

Darkane's album opens with an incredibly cool intro track, "Calamitas", with an orchestra and choir, a track vaguely reminiscent of Orrf's "Carmina Burana", or similar mighty epics. The track ends with really cool drumming and some heavy guitar riffs before blasting into "Third", the second track.

The opening is really inviting, and my expectations were driven quite high. When the standard thrash metal riff of "Third" blasted its way through the speakers, I was dissapointed.

I listened to the album only once, but I realized soon enough that it will grow on me - the album is a really cool, well produced mix of SLAYER and IN FLAMES, I'd say.

Occassionally melodic, hard-hitting cruel, insane metal.insane (B)insane(/B)
I really enjoy the first four songs of the album, my favorite song is 'Hostile Phantasm' the chorus "Hate is the mirror of envy-confidence breeds suspicious" was wandering inside my head for weeks really great song, I find that the album has alot influences from Devin Townsend's SYL.

But the final of the album never got me in anyway (melodic, brutality or headbanging), I think the last songs of the album are not so great, maybe I have to listen to it some more, you never know...

What a damned good CD this is.
I think the singers vocal variations are perfect, as he switches from perhaops what you would call a grinding scream to a mellow harmony like voice. The guitaring is awesome and i hope to see more of this band............i actually know Darkane...nah nah nah nah nah:loco: