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Sep 12, 2001
Check out MARTYR, Totally awesome progressive-death/thrash in the same veign (but even better) than chuck schuldiner's death... (for me to say that is a big statement!)

Demonspell: these guys are totally awesome, you should have a listen and give a review if you've got time (or haven't already done so??)...

Esp. 'Hopeless hopes', 'Endless vortex...', 'Carpe diem'.
Someone here notified all of us a couple of weeks ago about them. I entered their site, downloaded and listened. They kick ass! :headbang:
They are honestly brilliant musicians (they all went through music university [is that what it is called over there??], and all the music is thought out really well. They are brilliant players too...

But enough of plugging other people's bands... now MY band... ha ha ha. :lol: