DESDE MI CIELO (Mägo de Oz Cover) (Febrero de 2017) Nacho Espejo & Marcelo Mayer


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Mar 31, 2012
Madrid (Spain)

2 Months after upload of his Videoclip-Horror Short Film: "Nadie", Nacho Espejo and Marcelo Mayer come back this Valentine's Day with a great romantic gift.

An instrumental and vocal cover of the Spanish folk-metal band: Mago de Oz. I'm talking about "Desde mi Cielo", a Metal Ballad, that Nacho loves, and this time, is completely adapted to the style of Nacho Espejo and Marcelo Mayer.

In this cover, the instrumental and musical arrangements have been completely created by Marcelo Mayer, but with the ideas of Nacho Espejo.
Marcelo has highlighted sweetness, passion and cane, while showing us the dark environment, which can be seen in most of Nacho's songs.
Nacho Espejo has been in charge of the recording of the vocals and the choirs.

The instrumental and vocal cover, now available on youtube.
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“Desde mi Cielo” (Mägo de Oz Cover)_Nacho Espejo & Marcelo Mayer

Thank you all for your attention and support.
Greetings, my friends ;)