Devin Townsend


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May 16, 2001
Surbiton. The Posh bit

I saw him play a couple of weeks ago supporting the Wildhearts. I have a lot of respect for the Man's music and I was really looking forward to the show, but he came across as nothing more than a spoiled dick.

He was first on the bill in front of a sold out and partisan Wildhearts crowd, and he was having a shit-fit because the folks at the back didn't really know (or indeed care) who he was. Instead of trying to win some new fans (surely the whole point of a support tour?), he alienated them further by insulting and berating them. It's almost like he felt he should deserve the crowd's respect, rather than having to work for it. He didn't even seem to try from the very beginning, unless his performances are usually totally static.

It's not even like he was being totally ignored. I'm sure his premadonna antics spoiled the show for the at least 200 folks who were at the front getting into it.

He's obviously a talented guy (even though the Infinity project rips off The Cardiacs to the point of plagiarism), so why should he behave like such a tool in front of 2000 potential fans? Is he know for this sort of shit?

Just a minor rant :)

I can only report extremely tidy work when he has performed here in Melbourne, Australia....
I dunno. He's referred in the past to his own "Egotistical rock guy bullshit" and I wouldn't be surpirsed if he can be a moody, snippy individual. Then again, berating the audience tends to be part of his style. I found a quote from him in concert that went:

"You Fucking Inbred, Homophobic Piece Of Shit, Adidas Wearing, KoRn Worshipping Pussies... Fuck You! We're From Canada. FUCK YOU!!"

...but I thought that was kinda cool. Heh.

Either way, I think that's too bad. I met him once breifly and he seemed cool enough... although he was the center of attention at the time, so...
Hm,I really dont hope Devin is a spoiled dick.Like someone said,maybe he had a bad day.But he is a genius,and they can act strange sometimes.Everything he has done is just brilliant and City by Strapping Young Lads is a masterpeice.
I guess it's normal...the better musicians are, the more they think that they are bad musicians compared to whom they find good.

So if everyone is calling him a g o d and a g e n i u s in his face he's gonna crack at some point.

So don't use G words in front of him ;)