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Sep 30, 2001
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NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) legends DIAMOND HEAD have inked a management deal with Thrashville Management. Thrashville was started in 2016 when MEGADETH mainman (and former METALLICA member) Dave Mustaine and his son Justis Mustaine met CTK Management founder Danny Nozell, and they commenced managing VIMIC (featuring former SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison) in 2017. DIAMOND HEAD said in a statement: "We are beyond excited to share with you all that Dave, Justis and Dan have asked us to join their family. We look forward to a fruitful collaborative partnership. With much mutual respect, we are happy to accept their offer to manage the band." Mustaine has been very vocal about what a "massive influence" DIAMOND HEAD and guitarist Brian Tatler were on him and the music he wrote for both MEGADETH and METALLICA. Tatler, for his part, has repeatedly expressed his gratitude over the years to METALLICA, who have covered four DIAMOND HEAD songs and kept the band in the spotlight. He said in a 2011 interview: "Without METALLICA, we wouldn't be going now. We split in 1985 when everything dried up, and we wouldn't have reformed without them. They're like DIAMOND HEAD's support system — they breathed new life into the band by namechecking us hundreds of times and covering our songs." The publishing royalties generated from METALLICA's versions of DIAMOND HEAD tracks like "Am I Evil" have kept Tatler afloat. "I don't know what I would have done without that," he said. "We never made money in the early days. I was on the dole after we finished — I had nothing left and I was living at home with my parents. I probably wouldn't have my own house now." Tatler admitted that it's still strange for him to know that so many people think "Am I Evil" is a METALLICA song. "That's so weird," he said. "You buy a METALLICA record and it's got 'Am I Evil' on it, and you look carefully and it says, 'Originally recorded by DIAMOND HEAD.' You go, 'What? I better check them out.' Of course, to me, everybody should know about DIAMOND HEAD because I've been in the band for [40] years. But there are millions of kids who have never heard a thing. The only way I'm going to reach them is through METALLICA." DIAMOND HEAD's latest, self-titled album was released in June 2016 via Dissonance Productions. The effort was the band's first to feature Rasmus Andersen on vocals and its release ended an eight-year silence for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal icons. DIAMOND HEAD is putting the finishing touches on a new studio album for a 2018 release.

I wanna say what a massive influence Diamond Head & Brian Tatler was on me & my music in @Megadeth & @Metallica https://t.co/7CWRQw4CeF

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) May 4, 2016

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