Do Iced Earth need a new lead guitarist?


Apr 13, 2001
Well? Spawn?

Don't get me wrong, that Larry guy is better than me, but he still pretty shit. ;)
I love it when a solo really stands out in a song; like in The Trooper, Aces High, Painkiller, Tornado Of Souls, Return To Serenity.. But I can't think of ANY on the Iced Earth albums I own. :(

Megadeth really matured when Marty came on board. Not that Chris or Jeff were bad, but Marty is a virtuoso, maybe Iced Earth need the same kick in the ass. :headbang:
Nup! :D

Jon pretty much tells Larry exactly what to play from what I hear, so i'd blame him for the solos not being memorable (which I pretty much agree with actually, they are nice and melodic, and not bad, but they dont really stand out very much) Maybe Adrian Smith could give Jon and Larry some lessons in soloing :)
Larry is a lot better than it sounds, ive got a lot of live tapes and he is a pretty good guitarist (plus he can keep up with Jon on rythym!)
Though I have to disagree with the Megadeth thing, as the only solo I can remember of theirs is Trust! Marty is a brilliant guitarist though (I downloaded a song called Concerto after coops recommended it and its jaw droppingly good!)

Originally posted by Spiff
Oi! How can you not remember the BRILLIANT solo from She-Wolf? It reeks of awesomeness!

No it doesnt :D

On a slightly related note, the greatest solos of all time come from Metallicas Ride, Puppets and justice albums, as I can hum nearly every one of them!
Every Megadeth solo (except perhaps the ones on Killing Is my Business) are really catchy! I can hum to all of them!

Metallica... I think their best solos were on the Black album, definitely the catchiest and built the songs better.
What about some of the George Lynch solo's in Dokken! :eek:
He'd have to be right up there with best.
mmmm, a topic close to my loins!!


I reckon iced earth could get someone much better.
A marty or Jeff waters would suite beautifuly.

Some key solo moments:

Randy rhoads:- goodbuy to romance
Marty freidman: - Holy wars
Lynch:- anything
Gilbert:- anything hahaha

How about micheal romeo in iced earth????
George Lynch is brilliant!!! And Dokken ruuuule! :headbang:

How about Bob Kulick's solos on The Crimson Idol? They are great!!!

And all Randy Rhoads' solos of course... in particular Mr. Crowley, Goodbye To Romance, Crazy Train and Over The Mountain :)
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How about Bob Kulick's solos on The Crimson Idol? They are great!!!

Hell yeah! Bob and Bruce Kulick, what a pair. :headbang: :lol:
Imagine them playing together..

np; Yes. Dokken does ruuule. :)