European Tour starts this weekend! What show(s) are you going to?


The Shadow Gallery Live 2010 European tour starts this weekend with a headlining performance on October 2nd at ProgPower Europe. The festival day tickets are now SOLD OUT! Come see us at another show! Here are the confirmed tour dates:

Oct. 02 - ProgPower Europe - Baarlo, Netherlands
Oct. 03 – The Peel – London (Kingston), England
Oct. 04 - Nouveau Casino – Paris, France *
Oct. 06 - Alcatraz – Milan, Italy
Oct. 08 - 8ball - Thessaloniki, Greece
Oct. 09 - Stage Club - Larissa, Greece
Oct. 10 - Kyttaro - Athens, Greece
Oct. 13 – Progresja – Warsaw, Poland
Oct. 14 – MMC Club – Bratislava, Slovakia
Oct. 16 – Turock – Essen, Germany *
Oct. 17 - Biebop - Vosselaar, Belgium
*Co-headlining with Manticora

So which show will you be going to??
Absolutely awesome gig in Paris last monday :)

Sadly nobody could hear the keyboards for the most part, and to be honest there were some vocal hesitations at times, but overall that was a terrific performance, full of energy and passion, and I loved every fucking second of it !!! Due to the co-headline thing, setlist was shorter but I got to hear the songs I was eager to hear ("Room V" made me lose my mind), so it's okay. I would have gone mad with a two or three hours show, but the pleasure of seeing SG live after all these years makes me almost guilty to even want more... Besides I also met Brendt and Gary earlier so I can't really picture myself beginning to think about complaining :D

I saw Shadow Gallery live :D