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Mar 30, 2002
Kansas City
Post your fave actors here....

Jared Leto
Anthony Hopkins
Viggo Mortensen
Casey Affleck(ben's bro)
Ben Kinglsey(sir)
Heath Ledger
Mel Gibson
Edward Norton
Russel Crowe
Gabriel Byrne
Robert DiNero
Victor Garber
Matthew Perry
Robert Downey Jr.

I know there is more....so I will edit later...=)
Al Pacino
Edward Norton
Jack Nicholson
Harvey Keitel
Samuel L. Jackson(except for shit like XXX)
The guy from "Leon" and "the crimson rivers" I think his name is Luc Besson
Originally posted by manuelgv
Al Pacino
Edward Norton
Jack Nicholson
Harvey Keitel
Samuel L. Jackson(except for shit like XXX)
The guy from "Leon" and "the crimson rivers" I think his name is Luc Besson

Luc Besson is the director. I know who your talking about, can't think of his name.

Warning: Spelling could be dodgy

Robert Deniro
Edward Norton
Harvey Keitel
Al Pacino
Sam Neil
Jim Carey
Russel Crowe
Mel Gibson
Jaquin Pheonix
Nicholas Cage
Ben Stiller
Eddie Murphy
Dennis Leary
Gabriel Byrne
The dude who played the Damien Harris "the Zodiac Killer" in The Exorcist 3
Kevin Spacey
Tom Hanks
Robin Williams
Samual L Jackson
Guy Pearce
Leonardo DeCaprio
Julian Sands
Morgan Freeman
Bruce Campbell
Brad Pitt
Lawrance Fishburne
Matt Damon
Ben Aflek

To name a few
Actors I like
(No particular order)
Mel Gibson
Sean Connery
Clint Eastwood
Jack Nicholson
Kurt Russel
Buce Willis
Arnold Schwartzenegger

Actors I hate
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Steve Guttenburg
Leonardo DiCraprio (I actually cheered when he died in Titanic)
Originally posted by Lady of the Oracle
Christopher Walken
Sir Anthony Hopkins
and a bunch already mentioned here..

I can't believe I missed these to kats out. And these talented motherfuckers:

Johnny Depp
Gary Oldman
John Hurt
Patrick Stewart
John Cusack
Harrison Ford
chevy chase
Arnold Shwarzenegger
bruce willis
jet lee
jackie chan
Jack Nicholson
Tom Cruise (He may be a fuckhead, but there's no denying his acting talent)
I think it's easier for me to link than to repeat it. I've posted stuff on all three pages I think.
I can't really say that I enjoy Tom Cruise! He may not be a crap actor as such, but I just feel that he's kind of the worst of all the big-ass movie stars out there. I think he was best in "Jerry Maguire" & "Magnolia" (the first one also being the best one I've seen with him), but I can't help thinking that he's so average in a way. I kind of feel that his stardom is a bit undeserved. I remember a scene in "Interview with a vampire" that was so stupid; It was when some chick was to make a dress for Kirsten Dunst and Kirsten bites her finger and Tom Cruise comes and tells Kirsten not to do that stuff. If you've seen the movie you may know what I mean, but Tom Cruise was so stupid in that scene and I couldn't help laugh!
The guy from "Leon" is probably Jean Reno. He's decent IMO!
I also think Gerard Depardieu is cool, although I think I've only seen one film with him.
There are some others mentioned that I need to comment:
Jack Nicholson - clearly among the better actors IMO.
Bruce Willis - I think he's alright, but I just feel that he always tries to be super-tough and hard.
Brad Pitt - Although he's every girls dream and stuff, I think he's quite good actually! I thing that I think is good about him is that he always portraits the character well instead of just playing the same all the time. Although I didn't particularly care for "Seven years in Tibet" I think it was good how he shaped his voice (although I still think it's weird that non-american people always speak english with an accent instead of their native language). The same can be said for him in "Sleepers". He also usually make decent films.
Arnold Shwarzenegger - A ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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