Favorite Strange/Alternate Tunings


Outcast Liturgy
Jun 12, 2022
Chattanooga, TN
I'm a slut for weird guitar tunings and extended range bullshit.

Since I've picked up the guitar I always used odd tunings.

I am currently about to throw my regular 6 string into hell with a 64 - 12 string gauge set into low Drop E / C#1 B E A C# F#

but I have others I really like.

maudlin of the Well "Astral tuning" - D F# D F# C# E

DADGAD 7 string variant - A E A D E A D

C Pentatonic / Fripp tuning - C G D A E G

What are some of your favorites?
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Drop B - B F# B E G# C#
Drop A- A E A D F# B
These are a couple new one I been playing with.

I typically keep a guitar in each of these: B Standard, C Standard, C# & D.
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Long-time Intermediate player new to forum. Used to Standard E & Drop D for typical Heavy Rock but looking for new Doom, Death, Stoner metal-style Tunings ... Is a Standard D with 6th string (low E) dropped to C a decent place to start (before potentially moving to lower tunings later) ?