Finland-Hungary 2-1


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Apr 17, 2001
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In the first half there isn´t much interesting situations, except the 1-0 goal for Hungary, as Tököli gets a beautiful pass when he´s all alone waiting inside the Finnish defense box. He scores without any difficulty.

Finland comes back to the game in the beginning of the second half as we get a corner. Paatelainen takes it down and shoots! GOOAAL!
The Hungarians have big difficulties with Finnish corners as the 2-1 goal is made from a similar situation as the 1-1. Johansson is all alone behind the Hungarian defensemen and easily makes the deciding goal.
At 75 minutes the Hungarians get a really good change to tie the match as Hamar is all alone in the attack zone, but Antti Niemi collects the ball. Right after that Johansson gets a brake away, but he screws it up.
In the last minute as the Finns already think the game is over and they have won Horváth gets a great pass and he gets a wonderfull brake away, but he hits the goal post!!

Yes, I have just bought FIFA 2001, the compurter game. :D
Originally posted by Evilho
Oh Anssi, you always say some bd things :p
Well, at least we didn't score a 4 touch own goal against the Serbs :heh:
haha! but that´s just because you didn´t know how to!
Poor talentless Hungarians!;) :D