FoE Review

Awesome! First review of the album, and it's a good one.

"Fall of Empyrean
'A Darkness Remembered'
Oak Knoll Productions
This CD is very cool. Slow, sluggish, droned out experimental doom with melodies, and a little bit of death metal influence here and there. The use of keyboards ads a somber, atmospheric effect quite well. This band will take you for a journey through sound-scapes of darkness, light, despair, hope, sorrow and insanity. There seems to be a huge influence from the band Mogwai on several tracks, as there is a feel of progression similar to what they often display. The variations of ambience, doom and death metal correlate back and forth perfectly, flowing from one sound to the next seamlessly. Highly recommended for fans of Neurosis, Isis, Opeth, Mogwai, Radiohead and just about anything in between."
Mogwai is a fantastic Scottish band. But I like them, so that means you probably won't. Actually, I take that as a gigantic compliment that FoE was mentioned in the same sentance as Mogwai...

I think you could pick just about any place and be certain they haven't reviewed it. I think that's 3 total reviews for that album. We didn't send it anywehere to be reviewed, we were just kind of expecting it to get reviewed anyway...