FREE Download of Oz prog band Hemina's debut EP, 'As We Know It'! (Only for 7 days!)


Cobber Mc Friendly
Mar 20, 2005
Central Coast, NSW
Because we're feeling like genuinely nice guys (and girl) at the moment, we've decided to hold a 7 day campaign where we letting anyone around the world download HEMINA's debut EP, 'As We Know It', for FREE!

That's right, FREE! There's not many things you can get for free these days. Sunsets, moonlight, sunrises, movies, pornography, welfare payments, music, television, programs, cars (if you can hotwire), etc. etc. So we've deci...ded to add HEMINA's EP to the list!

Now there is one tiny little catch! Once you give the EP a download and listen, we would really appreciate it if you could give us some feedback about your HEMINA experience, whether it be via e-mail, facebook, myspace, skywriters, pigeon messengers, or chinese whispers.

Oh, and if you could invite your friends to this event invite so they can also download the EP, that'd be hugely appreciated!

And we also ask if you can post a link to the download wherever you can to get this thing out as far as possible!

Ok, so first of all, here's the download link:

If you click the link above, the download should start immediately. Once you receive it, just unzip it and enjoy the Heminal tones!

To leave your feedback, please use any of the following links:


And if you wish to purchase a physical copy of the EP (or a sexy looking t-shirt), please visit:

Thank you for your time everyone! And remember, the link will only be up there for 7 days! =)

Facebook event invite: