Gamma Ray Rumour


Apr 24, 2001
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I'm not sure how many of you guys are into this band but I have heard a rumour that Michael Kiske might be joining the band.
I don't know how true this is cause Gamma ray are meant to be recording\finishing their new album now ???
Anyway I am excited !! I think Kiske is a great singer and is one of my personal favs :p
ah, that would be cool. Although I am a fan of Kai. I suppose they could do both.

However I have seen interviews with Kai and he said that Kiske wouldn't be a singer for them. I know they have been looking for a singer as Kai finds it a major task to sing and play live.

I suppose stranger things have happened. Bruce and Adrian joined maiden and I never thought that would happen again :)
You know i heard a rumour yesterday kai was going to go back to helloween..........dont like the chances of that, and to be honest, i hope he doesnt, helloween rules, so does gamma ray! Better to have 2 great bands than one :)

I find it amazing Kai can pull of his singing live AND play guitar at the same time. His singing is just phenomenal, it would be extremely difficult just doing the singing let along playing at the same time. Ive never heard them live, so maybe he sucks, but i doubt it!
I've heard that he absolutely sucks live... much like me! HAHAHA! That shit's hard work!

I trully hope Kiske doens't join either band, to be honest... He's a monster singer and one of my biggest influences (let alone one of my fav. vocallists ever) but the direction that both of those bands are heading in now doesn't really seem to sit right with his vocals to me...

If he was to form his own power metal outfit or better yet, do a side project with some members of both bands, that would be totally awesome! :)