Girls should i cut my hair short?


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Nov 15, 2018
I am a metal guy. Who likes the metal style with leather jackets band shirts etc. But i cannot seem to attract any women from it. My goal is to attract metal girls who are like me. But i dont know if my hair suits my face. What do you think i should?

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You should worry about the "bout to start crying at any moment" look on your face before you worry about your hair.
I never made any art. You're thinking of someone else. Gonna jump into a car crusher now.
Women think that a photo of you holding up a large sized fish at the side of a riverbank that you just netted is incredibly sexy. Also, watch them when you take one home as a lot of them ` hover` over the toilet when having a poo, and that's not good.
I agree with SunnyFlower---I have to say though that I think some guys look good with the long hair...8-]]
I like long hair a lot. I dreamt of it, but my hair is really weak. I try different remedies but none of them were really helpful. So, I gave up and now enjoy my short hair.
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